Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shoe of the Day | Iron Fist Bone Breaker Platform Bootie

Since Halloween is next week, I decided it's time to highlight some supernatural footwear. It's wasn't too difficult to find the right footwear brand that perfectly celebrates unearthly shoes. What better brand to highlight than the sinister mystique provided by Iron Fist. Sticks and stones may break your bones but this Iron Fist Bone Breaker Platform Bootie will never hurt you. This badass bootie features a man made upper with a perfectly manicured skeletal hand printed on the velcro'd flap at the top, skeletal jaw and teeth printed on the base of the 1 1/2" platform, and a towering 6" heel. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, sizes are running out fast. Get it on for $89.99 and for $68.90.

Bound And Zipped: Alexander McQueen Black Leather Gold Zipper Trim Low-Top Sneaker


Alexander McQueen Black Leather Gold Zipper Trim Low-Top Sneaker

Zippers on the brain?  They are the the McQueen camp.  Alexander McQueen's new Black Leather Gold Zipper Trim Low-Top Sneaker is a great combination of luxury and daring.  A heavy duty gold zipper is wedged between the upper and the rubber sole and foxing.  Then more zip action returns to adorn the tongue of the sneaker.  With an embossed skull on the upper heel and McQueen moniker at the back lower heel, this sneaker could be trendy but the clean and easy execution makes it equal parts fashionable and classic.  Available now at

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Seasons Change, The Chukka Remains: Common Cut Steve Chukka

Common Cut Steve Chukka

Sumptuous color must exist in the fall.  The leaves are turning all wonderful shades of brown, red, orange and yellow.  Then the winter greys come in and pretty soon all you see are the tall snow-capped pines.  Well in celebration of the colors of the second part of the year, Common Cut offers up their Steve Chukka.  With a pristine upper consisting of a leather quarter and suede vamp set onto a sturdy rubber sole, these 'pop of color' gems say quality for the season in a comfortable and dapper way.  Available now in two color ways at

Monday, October 20, 2014

Shoe of the Day | Old Navy Printed Pointed-Toe Flats

I've been really into Ballet Flats lately, they provide comfort, ease of use, as well as a fashionable and sophisticated look. I couldn't help but take these home with me when I first laid eyes on them. Pointed toe flats are really in this season, so these Old Navy Printed Pointed-Toe Flats were a must-have. Besides its chic silhouette, I was also charmed by its eye-catching, red color with printed navy graphic design. because these are old navy, they're extremely affordable at only $24.94. For those who want a more classic color, you can also find these in navy. I do suggest you go up 1/2 larger as they run slightly smaller but they're totally worth it.