We all want luxury but we'd prefer not to pay luxury price. Luckily, some designers have heard the call and answered. Take for instance these Jewel Badgley Mischka Luxury Pumps. It's a hint of luxury that won't break the bank. The classic, slip-on design boasts a man-made upper covered in glittering sequins, a pointed toe, lightly padded footbed, and a 3 1/2" wrapped block heel.

Available in two colors, rose gold sequin and silver sequin, these beautiful heels will captivate you with its simplistic silhouette and dazzling upper. Get them for a steal at only $50.53 on www.6pm.com, 54% less than their usual $109.00 price tag.

Gucci Petrol Leather-Trimmed Logo-Embroidered Velvet Slides

Don't let the passing Summer dissuade you from keeping your toes out.  Creep into late Summer and early Fall with Gucci and their Petrol Leather-Trimmed Logo-Embroidered Velvet Slides.  The inky dark and sumptuous velvet is embroidered with the iconic gold G's, features criss-cross straps that are lined in leather and leather label patches on the footbed.  Pair these with jeans or shorts or trim cropped trousers and let your toes suavely breathe anytime!  Available now at Mr. Porter.

Vans Mount Vernon 59 Vault LX Sneaker Pack

Pinstripes aren't just for the boardroom and the county fair.  They can be for a cool late Summer sneaker pack in the hands of the footwear impresario Vans.  This is just what's going on here with the Mount Vernon 59 Vault LX Sneaker Pack.  It features an Era and a Slip-On that has two kinds of cotton pinstripes on the vamp and toe box all anchored onto a thick white sole.  It's a bit train engineer, seeksucker suit and carpenter cargos but all parts cool.  Both are available now at Ssense.com.

New York City-based footwear brand, Muvez just launched a new range of convertible house slippers, the 3:AMs, on Kickstarter. The interchangeable slides blend the aesthetic and functionality of an athletic shoe with the comfort and ease of a casual house slipper. With a breathable knit, zero gravity cushion insole and neoprene heel, you will want to keep the 3:AMs on your feet all day.

The 3:AMs feature dual sole technology that allows you to easily slip out of their lightweight outsoles and enjoy the comfort of breathable indoor slippers comfortably without tracking in dirt and bacteria from outside. If you have to head back outside, Muvez's patent pending heel security technology enables you to effortlessly slip back into the outsoles. These outsoles are specifically designed to not only provide protection and extra shock absorption, but deliver unmatched comfort.

“We are dedicated to reinventing traditional footwear by integrating modern design and functionality,” said Eric Cruz, Muvez Co-Founder and CEO. “We modeled the 3:AMs to be innovative, convenient and comfortable for anyone on the move.”

With the 3:AMs, you can easily transition from outdoors to indoors thanks to its detachable sole technology. Made of rubber-like EVA material, the outsole provides protection, extra shock-absorbency and an unparalleled level of comfort. If the outsole gets dirty, simply throw it in the washing machine. Once inside, the stretchy, breathable knit slipper protects against stepping on sharp objects, slipping on wet surfaces or accidentally sliding down stairs. The insole is safe to wear inside, leaving dirt and bacteria outside.

How exactly does it work? The collapsible neoprene heel is responsive for easy accessibility. This feature allows you to easily slip on your 3:AMs to either wear them as slides or sneakers. The heel is more secure and raised than the original version and the breathable knit upper is made out of elastic materials to provide a comfortable, secure fit that will hold tight during movement.

The 3:AMs’ insoles are offered in four colorways: vanta black, rose red, stone grey and maverick blue across sizes 5-13. The outsoles are available in black and white, and are interchangeable, giving you an opportunity to mix and match different color outsoles and insoles.

The 3:AMs are now available for preorder on Kickstarter for $79.00, nearly 40% off the retail value. For more information about the campaign or to place a preorder your own 3:AMs, visit pr.go2.fund/3am.
Today's shoe story might be a bit off our regularly scheduled footwear highlights but we promise it does have an interesting shoe story and connection.

The booze consuming world is always saturated with grin-inducing tales. The main difference between the smile-inducing stories and eye-roll-inducing ones is simply a matter of perspective. Patrons of alcohol serving establishments are wont to have their wits muddied by the various nectars of Bacchus, thus finding generally questionable antics utterly amusing. The people who work at those establishments have a very different outlook on any number of drink-fuelled tomfooleries.

Between 71% and 73% of Millennials regularly consume some manner of alcohol and, while most of the drinking population is totally fine, there are the mischievous rogues for whom establishment-specific rules are made. Hotels in the U.S. make $208 billion every year, but we don't hear about the amount of that money that goes toward, theft, damages, and the general carelessness that people unleash upon places that aren't their own. Quick answer? It's substantial.

Dulle Griet Picture: ©Arofex Facebook

In Belgium, some beer bars were having problems with patrons walking out with their beer glasses. In the United States, this might not seem like such a big deal, but in Belgium it is. Iced coffee and cold brew date back to 1600s Japan and 1800s Algeria, but Belgian beer predates both by a long shot, so they've had a lot of time to perfect it. Belgian beer is so famous across the world, tourists head to Belgium in droves to drink as much of the famed Belgian brews as they can. Which leads to mischief.
“All our beer glasses are protected against theft,” said Philip Maes. “Some of the glasses are manually crafted and therefore unique; some of the tourists are eager to have their own copy to bring back home as a trophy. Unfortunately, they prefer not to pay for the glass.”

Maes, owner of 2be in Bruges, reported that his bar loses somewhere around $4,000 in beer glasses every year to theft. The beer glasses, which many establishments have custom made for their own bars get expensive. With losses like that, Maes invested thousands of dollars in alarm systems that would be attached to every single beer glass. Still, that doesn't dissuade everyone from their tipsy thievery.

Another bar, Dulle Griet in Ghent, just takes your shoe instead. Yes, you read that correctly. If you want to sit down and have a beer there, you have to cough up one of your shoes. They put all collected shoes in a basket and suspend it from the ceiling. That's the only way you get a beer and the only way you get your shoe back is handing the glass back in. Instagram is packed with photos of people drinking beers with one shoe on. When you see the 1.r liter glasses and wooden stands that holds them upright, you'll understand why they want to protect them from theft.

“Anyone who drinks our house beer must hand over their shoe,” said Dulle Griet owner Alex De Vriendt said. “We then put them in a basket that we put up against the ceiling. The basket has now become an attraction, but for us, it remains a guarantee. The glasses are quite expensive because we have them made especially for us.”

He recognizes the method still doesn't keep all theft from happening and has seen an empty bar with shoes still in the basket, invariably signaling a one-shoed wanderer with an illegally procured souvenir drinking apparatus. Half of customers enter an establishment because of signage, but it was this unique anti-theft system that drew more people in. Its peculiarity attracted people to the establishment because nothing beats pairing a good beer with Instagram photos that tell fun stories.

Overall, De Vriendt seems to have a good sense of humor about it:

“We actually accept all kinds of shoes, but we realize that a flip-flop is not as valuable as the beer glass,” he said.

Be a polite patron and stick to buying your souvenirs.

We know the end of the summer season is near but there are still plenty of days left to enjoy some stunning, toes out footwear. For example, we'd definitely rock the Aminah Abdul-Jillil Chain Detail Flat Sandals well into September and possibly October. Boasting a minimal yet bold and sexy aesthetic, these gorgeous flats are on everyone's wish list (it definitely is on ours). It features a black suede upper, toe strap, chain detail around the ankle, and a back zipper closure.

Available in gold and silver chains, these can be yours for $289.00 on www.aminahabduljillil.com.

Today we're highlighting one of our high-end wish list heels. Our white buffalo if you will, the awe-inducing Aquazzura Wild Fringe Crystal Sandals. One look and you see what it was love at first sight for this goatskin leather sandal with a cascade of crystal-embellished chains. Footwear Designer, Edgardo Osorio’s luxe aesthetic literally shines through in the beauty of this open-toe stiletto heel. The gorgeous sandal brings to mind the fun, edgy, and sophisticated flapper dresses of the roaring 20s. The 4 1/4" heels are definitely an investment for the lucky few who can afford them. Get them for now for $1,450.00 on www.shopbop.com.
It's fairly common for people to be environmentally conscious in a few ways over others. We recycle our recyclables but fail to think of things like how clothing manufacturing impacts the environment.
It's easy to overlook but it certainly warrants more than a second thought. Polyethylene is the most common plastic on earth with annual global production at approximately 80 million tons. Plenty of this plastic goes into shoe manufacturing and design. One company is seeking to remove these non-sustainable materials and practices from its shoe production processes while ensuring the shoes can withstand the most active lifestyles.

DopeKicks is a cheeky brand that has made the world's first waterproof and eco-friendly shoes made from hemp. These sneakers haven't hit the ground running quite yet, but their Kickstarter campaign has raised over $245,000 so far and they're taking pre-orders on Indiegogo. As the team behind DopeKicks continues producing these environmentally-conscious shoes, the first orders are slated to go out to homes in September of this year.
With all of this work and fundraising going into the sneakers, what exactly makes DopeKicks so different from their name brand counterparts? The distinction primarily lies in the materials. The bulk of the shoe is made of strong cannabis hemp fibers, the insoles come from cork that naturally grows on trees, and the outer soles are made from recycled rubber.

Although the average American might think of hemp as an abnormal material, it is one of the oldest domesticated crops known to man. According to the Columbia History of the World, a scrap of hemp fabric dating back to about 8,000 B.C.E is the oldest relic of human industry.
Hemp comes from the non-psychoactive varieties of the cannabis plant. While the marijuana that many people use medically and recreationally comes from the same overarching cannabis species, it differs greatly in methods of cultivation, common uses, and THC levels. Hemp contains less than 1% THC, meaning that it won't get anyone high even if they tried to smoke it.

Hemp serves as a great rotation crop for farmers, as it detoxifies the soil, breathes in CO2, and prevents soil erosion as it grows. The crop requires less water than traditional crops and no pesticides, making it an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option.
Hemp seeds are often used in health foods and organic body care while the hemp stalk is what makes the fabric for products like DopeKicks. The fibers from hemp form a very strong fabric. While many non-traditional fibers are surprisingly sturdy, such as alpaca fibers, hemp is so strong that it can make rope, netting, canvas, carpet, and apparel. The makers of DopeKicks spent four months traveling and sampling different hemp suppliers until they found the right one to make a hemp fabric that retained its strength while offering flexibility and durability.

These two factors were important for the brains behind DopeKicks, as they want consumers to be able to wear these shoes in cities, mountains, and everywhere in between. They also added a special coating layer during the hemp manufacturing process that protects the fabric against stains, dust, and liquids. Although the average person wants to drink about two liters of water every day, they do not want that much water soaking their feet and DopeKicks feature a second layer of protection in the form of a special waterproof membrane to prevent that. No matter what kind of conditions you're walking in, these sneakers are going to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The cork insoles continue this comfort. Cork is a material that serves as a natural cushion and it is non-deforming, always regaining its form even after years of usage. It is also temperature-regulating, meaning that in shoes it will keep your feet cold in the summer and warm in the winter.
The outer soles are made from upcycled rubber, keeping waste out of the world's ever-growing landfills and delicate oceans. While concrete is the manmade material used most often in the world, it's easily-disposable materials like rubber that clog up our environments around the globe. The recycled rubber gives DopeKicks the strength and durability the sneakers need to stand up to the natural elements by returning to its original shape after any use. They also give the shoes great traction without weighing the wearer down with heavy soles.

One of the best parts of the DopeKicks brand is that the sneakers are ethically made in Portugal. Factories in Asia currently produce about 90% of the world's footwear, but the majority of the workers are treated poorly and compensated at very low salaries. The one million Americans working in plastics manufacturing tend to have better conditions, but many still face unfair wages and treatment. The makers of DopeKicks, however, have chosen fair trade production that empowers employees in Portugal's thriving local shoe industry.
While the DopeKicks team inches closer to starting the shipping process in September, you still have time to support the Kickstarter campaign and get a pair of sneakers in your own closet before they make it big.
Ready to add some epic color to your sneaker closet? On July 18th, PUMA unveiled the latest installment in their LQDCELL collection series, the PUMA LQDCELL Optic Sheer Sneaker. The LQDCELL Optic Sheer boasts the same technological innovation as its predecessors, such as PUMA’s new LQDCELL stable cushioning in the forefoot and heel; and it strikes a balance between performance technology and streetwear design.

The chunky, retro-inspired silhouette has no boundaries when it comes to gender, style or personality. The unisex shoes boast layers of dynamic colors and a sheer upper wrap for enhanced comfort and a multi-dimensional look, ensuring you look fresh on the streets, in the gym, or anywhere you choose to rock them. Developed from a resilient compound of hexagonal cells, it keeps you stable and secure with shock absorption and cushioning in every step.

The LQDCELL Optic Sheer Sneakers also boasts a distorted EVA wrap-ups at the midsole provide lateral stability and support through dynamic movements, a transparent vented Formstrip design at lateral sides, a rubber outsole for maximum traction and durable grip, and full lace closure.The new launch is already a big hit, check out 4x NBA All-Star and new Los Angeles Lakers Center, Demarcus Cousins in the sneakers.

The PUMA LQDCELL Optic Sheer Sneakers retails for $110.00 and is available in select retailers and on www.puma.com now.
Days like last Saturday and Sunday's scorching heat wave remind us how our deeds affect our planet. We are way past the time of treating the Earth as the limited source that it is. The way we're treating it, the earth and of course we as human, won't be here forever. You may have read about the negative effects of fashion fashion and thankfully there are brands working to combat those practices while keeping us looking our best. Many footwear brands are making major strides (pun intended) into sustainable shoes, one such brand is Loafs.

They recently launched the Loafs Pacific Shoe, an eco-conscious shoe that also works to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. There are so many things to love about this loafer-sneaker hybrid. It boasts a sophisticated upper with a performance and comfort-driven bottom; is designed to support a life on the go; it's comfortable and everything about it is sustainable.

The Loafs Pacific is made entirely from recycled materials, including BLOOM algae-based foam outsole, the world's first plant-based foam produced with algae biomass, recycled foam runner's insole, chrome-free recycled leather, a material repurposed from leather trimmings that would otherwise be destined for landfill, and organic cotton laces.

The algae is renewable, cleans the environment, and decreases our dependence on fossil fuels. One pair of shoes made using BLOOM Algae returns 120 bottles of filtered water to the environment and keeps 11 total 12-inch CO2 filled balloons from entering the atmosphere! The insole expands and contracts with every movement, resembling a barefoot stride.

The Pacific’s upper is made from chromium-free recycled leather sourced from the repurposed scraps from leather tanneries that would normally go to waste. This eco-leather is produced with 95% recycled water and reduces waste yield by about 90% when compared to conventional leather practices in footwear.

The inner lining of The Pacific is odor resistant and sweat absorbent. With similar characteristics to cotton and linen, this tree-based material allows for optimum breathability, even while worn without socks. The fibers are also biodegradable, which deters the growth of bacteria, and are of botanical origin. Designed with the athlete and traveler in mind, The Pacific is equipped with rubber tread pods for better floor grip and maximum flexibility.

Our favorite shoes are the ones we forget we’re wearing. Loafs has put a strong emphasis on creating the perfect fit. Their custom lasts are considerate of the standard differences between the foot contour of men and women. This forward-thinking footwear wears seamlessly from boardroom to bar while taking a big step towards a zero carbon future.

You can pre-order Loafs The Pacific in one of 5 colors starting at $89.00. Available colors include black, nimbus grey, desert orange, tan, and slate blue.

For each pair of The Pacific that is purchased, Loafs will donate proceeds to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 10% of profits or 1% of sales (whichever is greater) will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup Project at the end of the year.

It's the season of wearing crisp white everything, so naturally we had to highlight these gorgeous Alexander Wang Kaia Sandals. Featuring a white and transparent PVC upper with a grosgrain slingback strap, these exquisite white, open toe sandals also boast suede lining, a toe ring strap, and a 3 3/4" stiletto heel with silver-tone accent. These are perfect to elevate your look with its overload of sophistication. For those who can, grab them for $650.00 each on www.shopbop.com.
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