The search for the cure is an ongoing process, which is why several brands don't wait until October to get involved. New to the list of wonderful BCRF products and brands you can purchase year round is ISlide Sandals. You may be familiar with what's been deemed the "most comfortable slides", as seen on the feet of some of your favorite celebrities and athletes including Chris Brown, Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Justin Bieber. Starting this year, they're partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to help eradicate breast cancer. ISlide has developed a special line of their custom-printed sandals, donating 40% of the purchase price of each sale to the BCRF.

For this very special line of impactful sandals, the industry leader in premium, custom sandals offers 10 custom BCRF slides for both men and women in pink, black, grey, and white. The licensed pink ribbon ISlides bear some wonderfully emboldened messages, such as "I Support BCRF", "Strength", "Survivor", "I Stand For________", "Hope", "Real Men Wear Pink", and "Hope is the New Pink".

Each BCRF ISlide retails for $49.99 and as previously stated, is available all year round with 40% from each sale going to the BCRF and the continued fight against Breast Cancer.

With ISlide, you can create your own design on high-quality athletic sandals. Their innovative slides celebrates individuality and self-expression. Founded in 2013 by Justin Kittredge, a 19-year footwear industry veteran, ISlide has amassed over 50 licenses and more than a dozen partnerships, adding BCRF to their growing partnership list.
A new Kickstarter campaign has set out to create the world's most customizable shoes. With an interchangeable heel system, women can transform these pumps from block heels to stilettos at a moment's notice. These customizable heels come from Oumou Barry, a French shoe designer who thought of the idea when she couldn't decide between her shoe options and found her choices rather boring.

The shoes are perfect for transitioning from a day to night look, all while staying safe. Five of the most common personal injury cases involve car accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability, product liability, and wrongful death. Without being too dramatic, ladies, how many times have you been betrayed by your own high heels? One 2015 study found that high heel related injuries had nearly doubled over the span of 10 years and we know heels aren't likely to get any shorter.
Oumou Barry's new heels can provide the safety you need without compromising on the height. Engineers and designers at SATRA, the global leader in footwear testing and research, have tested and approved the heel system for safety, comfort, versatility, and quality. Despite the ability to remove the heels from the shoe, they can withstand extreme forces without breaking and won't distort when you walk.

While the design of the heels keeps you safe, it can also make your day much more comfortable. Stiletto heels can strain your feet and ankles if you have to walk a long way in them. Block heels, however, offer much better support because you can distribute your body weight across their greater surface area. The support of a chunky heel can lessen pain in areas such as your feet, ankles, legs, and lower back. When faced with this pain, many people may seek medical help at one of the 7,357 urgent care centers in the United States. If you could skip the discomfort and the inevitable trip to the doctor's office by switching your stylish stiletto to a supportive block heel when you're on the go, wouldn't you?

The practicality of the heel system also holds an appeal for many women. By having a two-in-one pump, you no longer have to pack multiple pairs of shoes for a business trip or vacation. With 92% of employees saying that vacation time is important to them, the challenge of packing strategically is one that almost every traveler faces. Now multiple pairs of bulky heels won't be taking up room in your suitcase. You can pack just the one pair and tuck the sets of heels into side pockets or your purse.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, Oumou Barry is currently offering one design of the customizable heels. Called Severine, these pumps are made of 100% genuine leather on the body and a segment of patent leather on the rounded front. The high-quality leather guarantees durability and longevity while offering optimal comfort. Both heel choices of the Severine pumps measure three inches.
In the future, Oumou Barry plans to offer a wider variety of colors, shapes, and materials. The Kickstarter is currently in the campaign phase, but will likely move into production in December and January. Their timeline shows that by March of 2020, the first batch of shoes will go out for delivery.
If you've been looking for a pair of shoes you can change on a whim, these might just be what you've been dreaming about. Check out Oumou Barry's fundraising campaign to learn more about these one-of-a-kind Kickstarter kicks.
Get excited, online fashionistas, Vagabond Shoemakers and Need Supply Co. are collaborating and expanding their e-commerce presence in the United States. With 77% of Americans going online daily, 43% going online several times per day, and 26% spending time online almost constantly, the online shopping market is pretty saturated. Vehicle buyers spend 59% of their time online researching and shoe and clothing buyers are starting to do the same kind of due diligence.

That's why you've got to get into this store and check out there footwear collab that covers three hot styles this fall season.
According to Fashion United, Vagabond Shoemakers announced in late September its expanded U.S. online presence, kicking off with a digital concept store, as well as an exclusive collection through Need Supply Co.

"We are focusing heavily on the UK and U.S. now," said Marie Nilsson Peterzen, co-founder and creative director at Vagabond Shoemakers. "We started off in Germany, so we are very well known there, and we have a steady distribution there. We also think that having a strong foundation there has set the standard a bit -- if you work with Germany you must really deliver, and we deliver."

Buying shoes online is a lot of fun -- no matter what you're purchasing. But these shoes... These shoes are as chic as they are fab. It's going to be extremely difficult for the fashion inclined to keep their hands (and feet) off these shoes -- check out some pairs of Atelier shoes for yourself!
This style of footwear will focus on three fall trends: a western theme, a sporty look, and a series of boots inspired by the most eclectic, stylish, and revolutionary decade of all time: the 1990s.

Atelier by Vagabond embraces both style and quality. To top it all off, in order to present the new collection, the women's shoe brand teamed up with English art photographer, Annie Collinge, and asked her to showcase the pieces through her unique vision and lens. When hanging art, keep its center at eye level, which is generally 56" to 60" from the floor, says Driven By Decor. When donning artsy shoes, however, all you have to do is simply Strut. Your. Stuff.

These products emphasize quality and are geared for perceptive shoe-buyers who have a fashion-forward approach. They are available through retailers including Urban Outfitters, Asos, and Nordstrom, with plans to grow their e-commerce plans throughout October. Enjoy every second of rocking this footwear and "work it," as they say.

We think Mother Nature is testing our ability to change up our style. With several weather changes in a day, she's definitely keeping us on our toes. But don't let her indecisiveness deter you from your transition to fall fashion. Show her who's boss with these kick ass Unravel Project Nylon Mule Booties. Boasting a technical weave upper with a soft sheen finish with inner leather vamp, suede backing at the inner seams, and an adjustable bungee cord closure, these edgy booties will surely get you noticed.

While they may not stop Mother Nature's antics, you're sure to have all eyes on you. get your hands on these pointed toe, 3 1/4" stiletto heel booties for $1,053.00 on and let us live vicariously through you.
Calling all sneakerheads!! The day properly honor your kicks is almost upon us. National Sneakers Day is coming up on October 9th. Will you be rocking the latest launches to celebrate? You could pull out an oldie but goodie, but check out some of PUMA's newly launched styles, as well as some of their biggest product, franchise and collaboration launches so far for 2019.

PUMA's collaborations and franchise launches this year include the new classic in the franchise launch named after NBA legend Ralph Sampson; the LQD CELL, PUMA’s new stable cushioning technology; LA-based ready-to-wear label Rhude’s apparel and sneaker collaboration, and the highly anticipated Nipsey Hussle x PUMA collection (featured below), which sold out within 24 hours.

PUMA has some great new men’s sneaker releases hitting soon, check them out from L to R: PUMA x HELLY HANSEN Trailfox MTS Sneakers, RS-X Deandre, RS-X Core, PUMA x HELLY HANSEN LQDCELL Omega.

Whether you love hightops or low tops, a true collector and sneakerhead or own only one or two pairs, this is the day to celebrate the shoe that has evolved from sports only to fashion street king. Will you be rocking your favorite kicks this Wednesday? What sneakers will you be wearing on National Sneakers Day?
We know everyone is neck deep into "pumpkin spice everything" season but did you realize this month, October, is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Unfortunately for many, unless you or someone you know is affected by breast cancer, it tends to be pushed to the back burner. Luckily, we're here to remind you there are ways that you can help. Susan G. Komen, the world's leading breast cancer organization, has launched a new program, "Live Pink" this October, helping you make smart, informed decisions in ways to support BCA, and ensuring that the proceeds from your BCA purchases are making a difference in the fight to save lives from breast cancer.

The Komen LivePink program highlight's products and services that directly benefit the fight against breast cancer by funding breakthrough research and providing critical support for people facing breast cancer. In honor of BCA Month, we're highlighting footwear options from the Susan G. Komen LivePink Program - Crocs and Comfy Feet.

Special-Edition Crocs, $29.99 - $44.99

The Crocs Susan G. Komen collection includes a variety of breast cancer awareness clogs and Jibbitz for the entire family. When you treat yourself to a pair of the Susan G. Komen Crocs clogs, Freesail Susan G. Komen Clog, Kadee II Susan G. Komen Flip, or the Susan G. Komen Ribbon Jibbitz, Crocs will donate $3.00 for each pair of Komen-licensed shoes sold, and $0.25 for every Komen-licensed Jibbitz charm sold from October 1st, 2018, to November 30th, 2019.

The Comfy Feet, $19.99

From 2019-2020, The Comfy will donate to Susan G. Komen $50,000.00 regardless of sales of it's super soft and fluffy slipper socks. Boasting an outer material of luxurious double layered fleece microfiber, premium fluffy Sherpa on the inside, and a non-skid sole, you'll enjoy comfort, strength, and support in a totally different way.

We love the fall season for many reasons. One being it's boots and booties season. We love the edginess and sophistication that fall footwear always boasts. This season, why not be fiercely fashionable with the Giuseppe Zanotti I860038 Booties. These cool slip-on booties feature a genuine leather upper, pointed-toe silhouette, all-over studded accents, and a 4" wrapped, chunky heel. Available in Blaze Stretch Nero, these dynamic booties are now $402.99, down from $895.00 on
Fall is officially here and that means it's time for crunchy leaves, up to one billion autumnal colds, and the best in fall fashion. If you're one of the countless people who can't wait to buy the best ensemble for the season, you need to know about the best boot trends on the market.

From traversing frigid rain puddles to stomping across pumpkin patches to rocking the red carpet, boots are a fall staple. Now that boot season is officially upon us, here are the top boot trends to grace us in 2019.

Square-Toed Boots

The chunky heel has had its moment; now it's time for the square-toed shoe to make a comeback. This 90's staple is the newest throwback to make a splash in 2019. This summer, we witnessed the square-toed sandal reenter the market and autumn won't stop this train anytime soon. According to Popsugar, even stunning stars like Gigi and Bella Hadid are sporting the Wander collection's new square toe boot line.

Chunky Mules

Mules started hitting shelves in the form of flats back in 2018, but their heeled counterparts are expected to make waves this fall. Innovating on the simple ankle boot design, stylish mules are here to put the "fun" in functional. Sporting an open back and closed-toe design, your feet can breathe without the threat of an errant puddle ruining your day. Try investing in neutral options, like black, taupe, or deep brown, to ensure these shoes go with every fall outfit in your wardrobe. With more than two billion shirts sold each year, a monochromatic mule will match just about anything.

Chelsea Boots

It doesn't matter if you're looking for an everyday boot of a stunning showstopper: the Chelsea boot can do it all. This quintessential ankle boot features an elastic side panel, assuring comfort throughout the day. Opt for the square side panel for a classic look or sport a V-panel with a fun pattern. Worn by both men and women, this style dates back generations. Whether you're a rising entrepreneur or just someone who wants to shake up their current style, you can achieve fashion nirvana by investing in a Chelsea boot in every color and pattern.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are known as a summer staple, but its allure is seeping into the cooler months of autumn. With more surface area than the average sandal or sneaker, designers are having a field day experimenting with new floral prints and designs on a diverse number of boots. This fall, expect to see floral designs on ankle boots, Chelseas, and knee-high show-stoppers. With so many options entering the market, it's no wonder that Americans spend an estimated $423.3 billion in e-commerce alone.

"Flatform" Boots

Most people are acquainted with the classic platform shoe, but the flatform might be the biggest trend on the market right now. If you love the height but hate the heel, you might be one of countless people who invest in flatforms this year.
With all the height and none of the discomfort associated with traditional heels, flatform shoes add a few inches to your average boot or sneaker without forcing you to stand on your tip-toes. They're easier to walk in and can transform a simple fall outfit into a fashion statement.

Were you able to predict these top choices in fall fashion? Even though 96% of people think a bright smile makes them more attractive, a new pair of boots can help your confidence shine this autumn. Let us know your favorite today.

Here is a heel that will take you beyond your daytime activities. The classic silhouette of the Kendall Miles CEO Pump seamlessly takes you from the workplace to beyond. It boasts an opulent leather upper, accented with a gold chain inlay; graceful, and on trend lines that make the traditional pumps and turns it into a statement shoe. It's 4" thick block heel guarantees comfort for your most demanding days and neverending nights.

Available in black, red, and gold, this dynamic heels can be yours for $500.00 on

The fall season officially starts in three days. Fall is the season of changing leaves, sweater weather and of course, boots! To celebrate boot season, we're starting off with a pair from our wish list, the Isabel Marant Lakfee Shearling Wrinkled Boots. These must-have, mid-calf boots feature natural lamb fur around the topline, shearling lining, calfskin upper from Iceland, rounded toe, and a 3 1/4" stacked cone heel. We're in love and you will be too. Get this grey darling for $1,465.00 on

Say hello to the Shaun Ross x United Nude SRXUN Boots, the first ever unisex heels, presented in collaboration with model and musician, Shaun Ross. This fully leather boot features a distinct square-toe, heel-loop, hidden side zipper for fluid on and off wear, and a geometric block heel. Available in ankle and calf shaft heights for both men and women.

”This project has brought together an alternative shoe company and an alternative personality , joining forces to men a new generation of style in celebration of diversity. Working together brings out the best in us, so if you want peace with somebody, collaborate”, says Rem D. Koolhaas.

The SRXUN Ankle Boot for women and men retails for $485.00 each, which the SRXUN Calf Boots are available for $565.00 each. Both styles are available in either black or white and were available on

We're in the transition time between the end of summer and the beginning of the fall season, so it's the perfect time to highlight some shoes that celebrates both seasons. today we go bold in color and design with the Unravel Project Broken Heel Boots. These boldly-hued boots boasts a smooth calfskin leather upper, grosgrain ribbon detail at topline, pointed toe, side zipper closure, and 4" sculpted stiletto heels.

We love wearing bold colors in the fall these luxury lime-colored boots are the perfect tone of vibrant. Get these eye-catching boots for $1,385.00 at
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