Thom Browne Logo-Appliquéd Wool Slip-On Sneakers

Who says you can't be natty and sartorial even on the days you're out of the office and public eye?  The scope of Them Browne knows no bounds especially when you see these sweet Logo-Appliquéd Wool Slip-On Sneakers.  It's the familiar signifiers of tailoring meets the universal signifier of casual. Altogether they're a handsome and playful romp that you could certainly dress up or down for that Summer soirée.  The upper is a smooth grey wool that's been tufted and quilted in areas and then anchored on a white rubber sole with red and blue detailing.  Added bonuses are the tri-color grosgrain heel pull tab, contrast elasticized side panels and fabric ID label right on the toe-box.  Available now at Mr.

Stubbs and Wootton Hippie Trunk Show Slippers

Peace, love and a little herb seems to be all we need lately.  Stubbs and Wootton channels up the 60s hippie vibe with an exclusive trunk show offering of quality-crafted slippers in fabrications like cotton velvet and Italian linen.  This line is handmade in Spain, are leather-lined and feature a 3/4 inch stack wood heel.  Depending on your 'zone' you can choose from great embroideries like floral peace signs, cannabis leaves, 60s catchphrases and psychedelic shrooms & tie dye with each design flanked by coordinating grosgrain trim.  This is a nice kitschy offering for the season, but since this is a trunk show, is only available for pre-order for a few more days at

Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang Soccer Bball Sneakers

Wang can make any theme into downtown cool.  Which is exactly what he's done with these Soccer Bball Sneakers from his on-going collaboration with Adidas Originals.  He's taken the cool sporty details of a baseball sneaker and merged them with soccer boots all with an edgy, pared-down and modern sensibility.  These gems feature a quilted white leather upper with rear heel panels of suede, molded plastic and a popcorn rubber outsole in neutral shades of white, cream and off- white.  The effect is nice for the season but versatile enough for all year.  Available now at

For the third season the PUMA x Sophia Webster collection offers sophisticated and vibrant women's sneakers that draw inspiration from ‘80s workout and dancewear. New logos, bold prints, and vibrant color blocking make this collection perfect for the bravest and boldest out there. The ugly sneaker trend is still in full effect but we're noticing some are not so ugly. Take for example these PUMA x Sophia Webster Thunder Sneakers. They have the telltale signs of an ugly sneaker, the bulk, the oversize sole, and silhouette, but it's the details that really make us love them.

The Thunder is a futuristic running-inspired silhouette which combines retro design elements with experimental runway style. In perhaps its most daring form, the Thunder updates the progressive classic PUMA silhouette with elastic cross straps in an eye-catching ruffle design at the vamp, and bold contrasting graphic prints in the midsole and forefoot. It boasts a sleek neoprene upper with graphic speckled leather overlay on the midsole, bootie construction with flexible knitted sock collar for easy slip-on, thick translucent faded gradient outsole, and a PUMA x Sophia Webster branded molded foot bed and heel pull tab. Get yours for $160.00 on

It feels like spring is trying to revert back to winter temperature levels. Let's see if we can coax it back with shoes we're dying to wear this season. Say hello to the Cape Robbin Strike Heels, an eye-catching slide with a vegan-friendly, cool fish-scale texture upper, a wide band with round adjustable buckle detail across the vamp, cutout details, a square open toe, and a 3 1/2" block high heel.

This great slip-on style is available in four great colors - Red, Mustard, Black, and White, and can be yours for $34.00 each. Get them now on

Givenchy Multicolor 4G Webbing Urban Street Sneakers

Hopefully you got the memo by now that you can elevate your white kicks with tech and whimsy.  Here's a very cool reminder from the camp at Givenchy.  The Multicolor 4G Webbing Urban Street Sneaker is a nice edgy low-top that features a clean white silhouette with signature back heel branding and knot detail.  The fun part ushers in with the multicolor branded elastic straps that span across the eyelet area to make this a nice slip-on.  The nuetral coloring on the sneaker and the straps make this a great stylish versatile sneaker for the Spring/Summer season.  Available now in both color ways at
The recent advances in science and health technology have been helping human beings lead healthier lives with greater ease. We currently have more wearable devices than ever before, all of which are tracking innumerable data points that can paint informative pictures of our health.
Still, even with all these devices that aim to push us toward healthier lifestyles, the choice remains with us. Plus, FitBits or Apple Watches aren't for everybody. Google's sister company Verily has been developing wearable technologies that are a little different from the traditional wearables we're used to.

One of them is a smart shoe.

Why a smart shoe? What would it do? Let's start with some medical realities. Some of the leading causes of death in the United States begin subtly. The Surgeon General reports the second leading cause of lung cancer -- a key killer in the U.S. -- is from radon, which seeps through the soil beneath our homes. Heart disease, the number one killer of Americans, has numerous causes, but one of the biggest is obesity.

Verily's smart shoe aims to track a few different pieces of health data. Most importantly, they want to look at movement and weight. With obesity being the public health problem that it is, through the shoe, wearers and healthcare providers could look into weight trends as well as planning exercise regiments more personally tailored to movement styles. They could even identify more sinister health issues attached to sudden weight gain or loss.
The shoes would also monitor fall data. Every day, about 25,000 Americans sprain an ankle. The shoes would look for events like this, which could be beneficial to athletic trainers and active exercise participants. On the other side of that coin, the shoe could serve as a potentially life-saving piece of wearable technology for the elderly community.

Merely tracking how people distribute their weight could help diagnose pain issues. About 80% of Americans will experience back pain in their lives and this strongly affects how we stand and walk. Verily's smart shoes would be able to look at how people move and might prove better able to help identify a whole spectrum of different chronic pains.
Verily, Alphabet's life sciences branch, has tons of ideas in the health tech arena. In fact, they reported receiving $1 billion in funding earlier this year to help keep their creative innovation trajectory going.
"We are taking external funding to increase flexibility and optionality as we expand on our core strategic focus areas," said Verily CEO Andrew Conrad.
With Verily's vague statement about their strategic focus areas, it's hard to tell what exactly they're planning to focus on in the realm of healthcare technology. There hasn't been a word on the smart shoes since February, but Google is nothing if not renowned at keeping their developments mysterious until rollout. A few companies have flirted with developing smart shoes in recent years, but consumers haven't exactly come running to buy them. That could change soon.
As the technology matures, it will be interesting to see how smart shoes begin to leave their tread on the footwear market.

Gucci Rhyton Leather Wave Sneaker 

Don't change the staple, just make it a bit saucier.  That is exactly what Gucci has done with the oversized Rhyton Leather Sneaker.  The chunky pieced sneaker in that neutral ivory leather has gone through the wave of sorts by means of a whimsically printed wave on the side vamp and sole in brilliant aqua, turquoise, blue and white.  The heft of the shoe together with the pop of the graphic wave seem to marry and complement nicely together making this a great Summer shoe.  Available now at
It's not uncommon for sneakerheads to drop thousands of dollars on a new pair of kicks. Some estimates have claimed that the global sneaker industry is worth more than $55 billion and this number is only expected to grow. The resale market alone is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion.
In fact, the U.S. sneaker industry alone makes up more than one-third of the global sneaker market with an industry worth more than $21.2 billion. Some marketing specialists have even begun to consider sneakers an alternative asset class as they're heralded as a collectible item.

 "We propose the idea that sneakers are now an emerging alternative asset class that 1) earns illiquidity premiums; 2) provides diversification -- non-correlated with traditional asset classes; and 3) earns favorable risk-reward characteristics," claim Cowen Equity Research analysts.

As a result of the pervasiveness of the sneaker market, it's not surprising that rates of fraud have steadily begun to rise.
A recent study performed by sneaker reseller vIRL surveyed more than 1,000 sneaker fans about their industry habits and concerns regarding the market.
The study found that almost 81% of sneaker fans bought their sneakers online but nearly 69% of these individuals are concerned over the authenticity of their sneakers. While more than 40% of internet users buy items online multiple times each month, coming up with ways to stop fraud is becoming more important than ever.
 Online shopping has never been a sure shot. Even though up to 80% of malicious online attacks come from within an organization, counterfeit goods have become an increasingly difficult problem to wrangle.

While companies like vIRL offer authenticity guarantees, 73% of people who purchased counterfeit sneakers from online sources believed that their purchase was legitimate. Worse yet, more than 40% of shoppers paid for a product that never received.
While 85% of business' customers live within five miles of their location, the internet’s ecommerce market is massive. This can be detrimental for the sneakerheads hoping to weigh in on the resale market for collector shoes. According to vIRL, some flippers are able to make a profit of more than three times the original price of the shoe.
Sneakers have become more of than just a fashion choice; they're an investment for many.
In fact, more than two-thirds of those flipping shoes believe their shoes will become more valuable in the future.

The transparent nature of Blockchain has become one of the top ways to buy and sell sneakers online. Even vIRL sneakers are traded on the WAX Blockchain. Users are able to view a vendor's purchase and transaction history, create digital versions of sneakers, and more. This type of resource is pivotal for sneakerheads who typically sell their sneakers on social media sites or third-party hosts like eBay.
Just last August, more than $58,000 worth of Nike sneakers were stolen when thieves bought more than 200 pairs of shoes in China before returning counterfeit goods for a refund. Though four suspects were taken into custody, this kind of fraud happens on a smaller scale every day.
Is Blockchain enough to save the sneaker industry? It's still too soon to tell. In the meantime, sneakerheads will have to used verified sites like vIRL for shoe trading and resales.
Puma RS-X Tech Sneakers

The oversized move ain't slowing down yet!  Here's testament from Puma as to why it has no reason to.  The RS-X Tech Sneaker is a revamped silhouette from the brand from the 80s that boasts aerodynamically-placed synthetic and leather uppers, the RS Running System technology in the sole, cool aerated textile uppers and branded heel and tongue pull tabs.  This is a well done on-trend sneaker from a brand that has the inventory and tenure to dig in the archives and make a nice 360 degree move forward but pulling from within.  Available now in both color ways at

Noah Waxman Perry White Delft Sneaker

Here's a sneaker to add a bit of pop to the white sneaker scene.  The Perry White Delft Sneaker from Noah Waxman gives you a clean silhouette with nice details to elevate from basic white.  The upper is a soft pebble grain leather with contrast leather laces and features a contrast blue and white printed detail flanking the entire white rubber sole. The added touch of seasonal color gives this sneaker a lift while still keeping it appropriate for a dress up dress down day.  Available now at

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