KEEN footwear began donating 10% of all KEEN Garage Sales and KEEN to fight Australian bushfires starting January 16. The promotion will run through January 21, 2019. The donated profits will help purchase more gear and rally more volunteer firefighters to put out the flames.
In addition to cash donations, the Portland, Oregon-based manufacturer gave 3,000 pairs of work boots to firefighters and volunteers. Employees designed special marsupial pouches to help soothe Australia's animal population. The custom-made marsupial pouches hope to provide comfort to animals displaced or hurt in the bushfires.

 Senior Director of KEEN Effect Chris Enlow describes the brand as value-led. The KEEN Effect is an ongoing initiative promising the sustainability of its products. KEEN uses environmentally preferred leather and PFC-free water repellent to manufacture its footwear. They also use natural probiotics to keep sandals, boots, and shoes sustainable and odor-free.
KEEN's environmental advocacy does not end there.
Since 2003, KEEN has donated over $18 million in footwear and cash to aid a wide variety of worthy causes, including the Youth Grant Program. The Conservation Alliance, Forest Park Conservancy, Leave No Trace, The European Outdoor Conservation Association, and Outdoor Afro are just a few of the partners KEEN works with to achieve its goals to give back and continue to promote worldwide environmental advocacy.

To combat the deadly Australian bushfires, KEEN teamed up with Phoenix Leisure Group (PLG), its Australian distributor. In New South Wales (NSW), the fires have ravaged over 3,000 homes. To date, 28 people have perished in the fires. The entirety of the country has felt the devastating effects of the blazes. Researchers estimate that as much as 80% of the world heritage Blue Mountains may have burned, destroying diverse, region-specific vegetation and threatening local wildlife.
With fires tearing through the country with no end in sight, many are asking what is to blame for the unrelenting blazes. Australia is world-famous for its hot, dry summers. Electricity matches the speed of light, traveling at 186,000 miles per second. Still, the dry heat and electrical sources alone are not to blame. The largest contributing factor year after year is climate change.

Climate change does not necessarily start the fires, but it the biggest reason they are difficult -- and sometimes nearly impossible -- to stop. Although the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) produces a report projecting the future security environment every two years, they have not been able to account for climate change's impacts as seen in Australia. Record-breaking droughts in Australia, coupled with dry lightning, create the perfect conditions for deadly bushfires to flourish.
Visit to make your purchase and do your part for Australian bushfire relief today.
Veganuary continues with more vegan footwear options that are perfect for this season, and beyond. Just because you're giving up leather, doesn't mean you'll be giving up comfort and style. With these vegan booties from Arcopedico, made from Lytech, a blend of Lycra and Polyurethane, a bio-degradable, vegan material unique to Arcopedico, you'll enjoy shoes that are water resistant, machine-washable, lightweight and breathable. What's even better, they are soft and conforms to your foot for extreme comfort.

Arcopedico has three must-have booties that will have your Veganuary looking and feeling good, whether you're traveling, at your office, or on your feet all day. Say hello to the Arcopedico L19, L8, and Luana Booties:

L19 Booties: This best seller, seen above in red, makes a great travel shoe as the Lytech* upper folds up to a small size in your suitcase, but will regain its shape as soon as you put it on.

L8 Booties: The above L8 is a comfortable and versatile bootie that will transition seamlessly between seasons. The PU outsole has a built-in arch support for all day comfort.

Luana Booties: This bootie has side goring which allows for even more flexibility to fit the shape of your feet. The supportive sole is on a slight wedge to give a fashionable appearance while maintaining the comfort Arcopedico is famous for.

All three footwear styles are available now on and at retail stores nationwide.
More and more footwear brands are collaborating to create earth and animal-friendly shoe options. What better time than the month of Veganuary to showcase that. The latest vegan footwear collaboration is the vegan sneaker from Mercer Amsterdam X Vibram. This is Mercer's first vegan-only silhouette in collaboration with Vibram. The on-trend silhouette and thick sole of the Mercer Amsterdam X Vibram Racer Vegan Sneaker shows that going vegan has never looked so cool.

What makes this vegan sneaker special? This standout features an upper and lining that are fully constructed with OnSteam® vegan “leather”, a 100% breathable microfiber providing a leather-like sensation that is capable of absorbing 8 times its own weight in water. Its upper features 3M reflective detailing on the toe box and two colors of 3M reflective laces. The Racer also boasts thermo-regulating ability that ensures maximum comfort and total dryness in the interior of the shoe; all made from a material that is produced according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 class I certificate. This fabric has passed the most stringent controls, and can be declared Eco-friendly and free of agents that are harmful to your health.

The Racer's outsole offers unparalleled grip while the Phylon midsole offers extreme cushion and plushness. All of it is made without any animal-derived ingredients. The Mercer Amsterdam x Vibram outsole was designed exclusively in collaboration between the two companies with the goal of offering an extremely soft and plush feeling on the midsole with supreme grip on the outsole. The Phylon midsole is soft while supportive and offers an unparalleled softness in the luxury sneaker market.

Available in Navy/Orange, the Mercer Amsterdam X Vibram Racer vegan Sneaker is available online only, for €240.00, or approximately $267.97USD, at
For nearly 20 years, Harrys of London has been on a mission to design footwear that provides both ultimate comfort and ultimate style. While the average person will spend 33% of their life in bed, that other 67% is largely made up of time spent on their feet doing chores around the house, going for jogs in the park, walking around town with friends, and much more. Harrys of London believes all of that activity should be done without adding strain to the very body part that allows you to keep moving.

At long last, the contemporary British brand is releasing a shoe line made for women. Named Harrys For Her, this shoe line maintains the brand's signature comfort with the inclusion of the Technogel® innersole. This innersole is covered in gel-filled capsules that provide a perfect fit and relieve pressure by molding to the unique shape of your foot. While women could experience this exceptional comfort before Harrys For Her by purchasing the smaller pairs of men's shoes, having a dedicated shoe line will provide them with the fit and style that they deserve.

Currently, Harrys For Her comes in two varieties of a modern, sneaker-inspired shoe. The first is the Eva. This design is lace-free, allowing the wearer to achieve a sleek look and optimal efficiency when putting the shoe on and taking it off. The Eva sticks to a neutral color palette, coming in options of navy, beige, or gray.

The second option in the Harrys For Her shoe line is the Grace. A modified version of the brand's bestselling Toms, the Grace features laces and an upper made from innovative leather that is impervious to rain and scratches. This sturdy yet stylish shoe comes in silver, white, pink, or bright red.

In either design, consumers will find the popular Technogel® innersole. A ground-breaking material, Technogel® was first created for mattresses. As the company expanded its gel production to create pillows, seat cushions, armrests, and more, Harrys of London recognized the unique material’s potential for shoes. After this recognition, the profitable collaboration between the shoe line and the biocompatible material blossomed.

By using Technogel® in their footwear, Harrys of London has created shoes that provide the best distribution of compression possible. The gel will also absorb impact as the wearer's foot hits the ground, creating a soft landing for each step. This allows for a shoe that feels like a sneaker but has a look fit for both work and play.

To experience one of the sleekest footwear brands Britain has to offer, check out the Harrys For Her shoe line. No matter which design you choose, you'll be taking a step in the right direction towards high-quality modern comfort.

It is New year's resolution time and that means making sure you have everything you need to keep the momentum of your new 2020 fitness regimen. As part of the fEMPOWER collection, the Ryka fEMPOWER Momentum Sneakers are standout walking shoes. It boasts Ryka's most premium materials and innovative technology. It features a custom-designed stretch knit upper with an artistic brush stroke texture, ombre design, and translucent layered overlays; an anatomical Precise-Return™ insole with extra arch and heel support; a lightweight molded EVA midsole features a full-length RE-ZORB platform for impact protection and shock absorption; and a durable rubber plate outsole. This sneaker, made for women, by women, has everything you need to walk powerfully to a healthier you.

We love the above Mauve Chalk ($84.99), but it also comes in three other great colors, including Grey Dawn and Indigo (both also $84.99) for you classic color lovers, and a vibrant Peach Parfait ($99.99) for those who love bold colors. All are available now on
We know many of you wear motorcycle and moto-inspired boot all year round but if there ever was a season for these cool, edgy boots, it is the fall and winter seasons. When we think of badass fall and winter boots, we head right to Harley-Davidson Footwear. If you're looking for your new go-to shoes and boots, look no further than the tough and cool legacy this brand has to offer. We've fallen in love with several styles we'd love to see in our shoe closet, from casual sneakers to performance boots and everything in between. Get to know these amazing 2019 and 2020 Harley-Davidson Footwear right now.

Normally we'd begin by highlighting the classic Harley-Davidson boots but we are really excited about the following non-traditional footwear the brand is offering (they are also favorites). From slip-on women's wedges to blingy ankle boots, Harley-Davidson is literally reaching new heights. We love styles like the Iredell heeled bootie, which offers a biker-inspired edge; the buckled Ashland, Covert, and Chesterton booties. With these heeled boots, there's no stopping the Harley-Davidson woman.

For the traditional Harley-Davidson Footwear lover, classic winter boot styles like the Akers Boot which features a pop of color, the modern-moto Dana Boot with its fabric upper; the Caffery and it's taller version, the Hoyt with their ribbed and buckle details; and the trend-driven camouflage Fairview Boots. All of which boasts full grain leather, like all other Harley-Davidson Footwear boot styles.

Last but certainly not least as there are many more styles from Harley-Davidson Footwear, which we will be highlighting separately. For all you tall boot fans, may we present the Walfield, a tall riding boot with a Western twist. The Bolo tie detail, complete with Harley-Davidson branded ornamental slide and Aiguillettes (metal tips).

We'd love to hear your thoughts on these must-have boot styles from Harley-Davidson Footwear. Any favorite b oots from what we highlighted above?
Current music It Girl, Lizzo rocked a drool-worthy pair of heels as the musical guest of the highly anticipated Saturday Night Life episode with Eddie Murphy, closing the show in the stunning ivory Femme Sans Peur Donna Mules.

This stunning pointed toe style features barely there mesh detailed with rich embroidery in a seductive tiger pattern with ostrich, baby calf piping, and marabou feathers playfully cascading around the ankle. The toe features a metal rand with glittering Swarovski crystals, while a rubber pod is recessed into the sole to helps prevent slips on the go. The FSP Donna mules also boasts a memory foam padded insole for ultimate comfort and a 4.13" stiletto heel.

If you're as much in love with them as we are, these ivory beauties can be yours for $695.00 on
Inspired by female entrepreneur, businesswoman, and engineer Patrice Banks, luxury footwear fabricator Darren Smith has crafted the Barollo Italy Red Shoe. The striking red shoe celebrates the fundamentals of empowering and inspiring women to rise and build careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. The Red Shoe's iconic design and shape stands out as a testament to the unique drive and skills women like Patrice Banks, who work in traditionally male-dominated fields.

The Red Shoe is known for pairing sumptuous, elegant design, clean lines, and brilliant scarlet upper with an innovative heel design that pays homage to its inspiration, Ms. Patrice Banks. As a nod to Banks' emergence in the field of auto mechanics, an industry highly dominated by men, the heel is shaped in the likeness of a crescent wrench, with the head of the wrench at the heel tip. This subtle design change emphasizes the importance of opening all fields to all genders, embracing equality and diversity.

The Barollo Red Shoe will be available for an extremely limited run, and will be individually numbered. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Red Shoe goes directly to benefit the Girls' Auto Clinic.

The Red Shoe is available for purchase in an extremely limited edition of 2,499 pairs. Production of this Barollo Italy's Red Shoe will begin in February 2020.
Here's a footwear collaboration worth purring about. Maison Atia, the first luxury faux fur brand, has partnered with KOIO, a shoe company created by two passionate sneakerheads, to create the first 100% vegan leather sneakers accented with Maison Atia's signature faux fur. This special collaboration brings you the coolest vegan platform sneaker this season, the Maison Atia X KOIO Vegan Leather Platform Sneakers.

Founded by Chloe Mendel and Gustave Maisonrouge, Maison Atia is transforming the faux fur market with its luxury touch of real fur to this new material. The platform sneakers are made with quality vegan leather and features the Maison Atia logo imprinted on the back. With foundations in design, quality and craftsmanship, Maison Atia mixes modern styling with traditional fur heritage techniques and works with skilled artisans to create inspirational products that look and feel glamorous.

Both Maison Atia and KOIO are known for disrupting their respective fields and through their passion for excellence and quality, have achieved a sneaker with unrivaled attention to detail that dare to go anywhere.

These limited edition platform sneakers are made in Italy using the finest craftsmanship. They are available in three color options, After Hours (black), Soho (black/white), and Deja Vu (black/red/pink arrow stripe) and are available for $248.00 at their ephemeral Madison Avenue boutique, located at 833 Madison Avenue, and on their website.

PUMA has teamed up with The Hundreds, a classic California streetwear brand with an edge, in a debut collaboration. Recreating PUMA’s iconic Clyde silhouette, the PUMA x The Hundreds Clyde Sneakers honors the original colors of the Clyde sneaker, remixing them all in one shoe.

With “people over product” as their mantra, The Hundreds aims to take a fresh perspective on streetwear and create products as unique as their consumers. Inspired by different cultural profiles from the ‘90s to today, this expressive collection celebrates the bold, diverse designs of the streetwear culture. Designed with environmental awareness in mind, each piece in the collection seeks to increase our consciousness about how we dress and what we purchase.Sustainable materials like recycled rubber and polyester, organic cotton, and chrome-free leather elevate streetwear staples like the Clyde in this elegant collection for a more hopeful future.

The PUMA x The Hundreds Clyde which retails at $110.00 in a Sodalite Blue-Spectra Yellow colorway, that became exclusive to on December 9th and on, with availability at select global retailers on December 12th.

Who doesn't love a sexy animal print boot! We love it even more because it's snakeskin print. Captivate the concrete jungle with the beautiful Unravel Project Zip Boots. This snake-embossed, calfskin leather mid-calf boot features a pointed toe, exposed zipper at the front shaft with color coordinated ribbon pull, leather sole, and 3 3/4" stiletto heel. Made in Italy, this luxury boot in tones of chocolate and medium grey is not for every wallet but lucky is the woman who can make these hers at $1,181.00. Get them now on

As a footwear brand that will be forever on our wish list, there is nothing we don't love about United Nude's stunning architectural shoes. One look at this gorgeous cobalt blue United Nude Twirl Bootie and you see why. This high heel beauty features an almond toe, an elegant, 4" fluid-like metallic heel, and side zipper closure. While it's also available in sand and black, it is the cobalt that has us completely mesmerized. Whichever color captivates you, get it for $465.00 on
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