Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Harley He Can Handle: Harley Davidson Footwear Father's Day Giveaway

Father's Day is June 17th, maybe you've got or know a dad, husband or boyfriend that waxes on and on about hitting the open road on a Harley. Perhaps, it's a dad who just wants a cool, durable pair of shoes without annoyingly trying on pointy, pinky toe-pinching shoes in some megalith department store. Well I say merge the two thoughts and enter to win a pair of Harley Davidson's awesome shoes for the well deserved "father-figure" in your life this Father's Day.

Forgo the tie and wow him with styles like the Cedar, Custer, Ranger or Scout; would he love to win one of these four shoe styles? Well this is your chance to win a pair for him. Shoeography.com is doing a giveaway with Harley Davidson Footwear for the special guy in your life to win a pair of these amazing boots. Here's your chance to snag a premium leather and well-constructed "cool for the city and beyond".

To enter, follow the rafflecopter guidelines:

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He is the sweetest guy ever!


Spacemonkey907 (at) yahoo.com says: My husband ROCKS. he works his fingers to the bone for me and the rest of the family. And he likes to play with us, too. Get everyone outdoors on great adventures. He needs boots like this, can go from work to play in the woods! Wow.

My father has always been the greatest dad. He cares greatly for his children and makes sure we never want or need anything. I couldn't have been luckier. He never wants me to spent money on him for father's day but I do anyway. I'd love to give them these cause I think it is definitely his style :)

My father is special because he can make me see things from a different perspective

My husband is speical because he adopted my two children and gave my children the Father that they deserve.

He's so giving. He will help anyone, anytime without blinking an eye.

laura ari

He is always there when I need him.

The dad in this house is an extremely hard working man. He works hard at work and works hard at home... always upgrading and building things. He always loves to go golfing and sit by the fire with our boys. I love that.

My Dad is special because he 'always' puts the needs of others before his own!

And did I mention he makes a 'killer' blueberry cobbler?!

Thanks for the great giveaway offering!

Good Luck to all in the drawing!

leetaylor644 (at) hotmail (dot) com

He's always been there for me through thick and thin.


Unfortunately, my father has passed. My husband however is an amazing man that took care of my 2 boys as if they were his own after their father's death. We then had another child because I felt that anyone that could take care of someone else's children as if they were their own, he deserved the chance to experience fatherhood right from the beginning. :-)

My husband is an extra special as a father because he has so much patience with the girls, he never minded changing their diapers.

My husband works hard to provide things we need and for things we just want. He has been self-employed for the majority of our marriage and sometimes that means giving up things like extended vacations, etc. but he makes sure those little things are never missed. He's the best, I look forward to growing old with him!

my hubby works hard just as my dad always did. jmmccarr@gmail.com

He listens to my mother for any possible details about my life or my sisters life. He is socially awkward but tries hard to show us that he loves us. Its cute.

After my mother passed away, my father went into a serious depression. Four years after her death he met a succubus and he changed for the worse. Since then I have been closer to my oldest brother. If I need him for anything he is always there for me. He does things to help me that a father should do. I have a handful of serious injuries and he always makes sure that I am ok.

My dad is 50 and he can still bench more than me

He is the sweetest funniest guy you will ever meet.

My husband always does his best for our family & is always cheerful and full of love he is a great guy.

My father listens and always wants best for me :)

My fiance is extra special because he truly loves his sons and spends all the time he can with them. He is a great father.

My husband works so hard to provide and always lets us know that he loves us so very much. He is such a blessing!

My father is extra special because of his crazy sense of humor. I love it!

He is thoughtful and considerate. He holds th family together

My husband is a great father because he spends quality time with his kids.

He is a great father because he cares about his family.

My husband rocks because he is always willing to lend a hand when needed

rugerpuppies at hotmail dot com

My husband leaves for work before we wake up, he comes home for lunch to spend time with us, he gives the kids their bath every night and reads to them before bed. Even after he has had a hard day, he will massage my feet, help with the dishes and still take time every day to play with the kids. He is an excellent father, husband and man.

My father has the best sense of humor. Also he is very ill, but never complains. He is great!(Susan Chester)

He's very dependable :)

My dad is amazing. He works hard and takes care of his family. He also makes time for all of us and we have a lot of fun together.
sellcrystal2 (at) yahoo dot com

My husband is an extra special daddy...He works so hard to make sure the kids have what they need..he may not always give them what they want but they always have what they need. He does try to get them things they want but if he can't he makes up by spending time with them doing daddy and kids days. He takes them fishing, he takes them to family special days (where we go somewhere that we normally don't go). He is always there to listen when they have a problem I can't help them with.
Amy Brewer

This past year, I've been diagnosed and have been coping with Lupus. My fiancee has been a huge help during all of this, caring for our 8 month old daughter, cooking, cleaning, etc. He really needs a pair of new boots and we're on a fixed income.

My husband is special because he can always make us laugh.

he has always made me laught my whole life, and has always been there for me

He takes care of his family!

my Dad is a real patient mam, and thats why he's special.

My husband is great because he loves my children as if they were his own. :)
hiwendyhi at yahoo dot com

He puts family first no matter what.

My dad is extra special because he would take us everywhere when we were kids and taught us a lot.

My dad is a great daddy to my kids too:)

My husband is a great daddy! He voluntarily gets up with our son in the middle of the night if he needs to and he loves playing outdoors with him every day!

He makes it a point to finish his work on time so he can spend as much time with his kids as possible! Also he chooses hobbies that they can enjoy together.

I raised my son as a stay at home Father, as I do freelance Graphic Design, it afforded me to be there for every bit of his life. We Fish & Camp & I just got him his first .22 (he's 11).

because he does everything with us as a family. He does do things with his friends, but rarely.

Masugr at yahoo dot com

He is amazing. He works 3 jobs to make sure we keep a roof over our head, even though he had accidents which caused him permanent injuries to his shoulder and hand and was told not to return to work.

My husband is a wonderful provider and enjoys helping others.

My dad's extra special because he has the perfect combination of strength and sensitivity, which makes him a protector, a role model, and a caring dad and husband all at the same time. Thanks!

Geoff K

He works extremely hard for us. He works two jobs so that I can stay home with our girls. He also coaches both of my daughter's softball teams. He's always on the go doing something for his family and never expects anything in return. thank you!

He works so much overtime...building power lines. I would love to give him these.

i have been with him for 37 years and would never want another man in his place. he does everything for me, i always get nice cards from him and it took to long to train him lol

My husband works very hard and long hours to make sure our family has everything we need.

He is very patient (my hubby)
Thanks for the chance.

My hubby is an extra special father as he has always gone out of his way to be there for our boys and helped them grow into the wonderful men they are.

My husband loves and parents my boys as if they were his
brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

my dad's the best, he helps us all out all the time - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

he is amazing and always helping out. when he's home, it's daddy duty and it's great. we have two little ones and it's been tough with the addition of our second! he saves the day all the time.

He's super supportive

Amber Y

my dad raised me on his own with little to no help from my family. he gave up everything for me.

dani marie


He has always been there for me. He does everything he can to care for me :)

He works 8 to 5 then runs a club track team monday through thursday sans payment!

My husband is great dad to me as he takes full responsibility to my family. I respect him whatever he do


I grew up without a father in my life and was lucky enough to have my Uncle as a father figure. No matter what he has been through throughout my life, and it's been a lot, he's always been there to support me and help me grow into the young lady I am today.

My fiance is wonderful. He is so mature and responsible. I am so lucky to have him.

supportive and a good listener

My husband works extremely hard at a job he hates to support his family. And now we are raising our two little grandsons. He's the best dad and poppy in the whole world.

Always puts his family first.

My Dad is amazing. He is always there to not only help any of us kids in any way he can but he does the same for everyone he knows. He is one of the kindest most caring men that I know. My husband is the same.

He's always loyal and honest! (Miz Vickik)

My father always put everyone else before himself

These would be for Ed. I have known Ed for 30 years. He is a veteran of Vietnam and was wounded in action. He is kind to everyone he knows, even mowing yards for the older people in his neighborhood who cannot shift for themselves. His mom, recently diagnosed with cancer, is blessed that he has foregone a life in town so that he can be near her to care for her. Ed is the epitome of a great Father, Friend, Brother and Son.

My dad is the best dad ever. He remained faithful to my mom through six years of cancer and then after her passing took on the role of a single parent like a pro! He is my hero! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

My dad is a extra special Father because he is always willing to go that extra mile with everything he does no matter what. Very attentive

my brother is a great father because he's in the army, so he's away from most help. it's just them. but they dote on their little girl like nothing else and have a boy on the way.

always spends time playing what they want

My dad worked over 50 hours a week and still had time to take us to the park on the weekend.

My dad has always been there for me and my siblings never missing any special events.
kate contest girl @ gmail . com

My dad is very selfless. He always puts his family above all else.

My husband is an amazing father.He works full time and then comes home to cook,clean,help with kids and anything else we need.I am physically unable to do much anymore except love my family and home school them.he takes time with each of our 4 children and makes them feel special.I do not know what we would do without him.

My husband is a great dad. He does everything with a smile, and puts his family first, always.

klconn7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

my husband always tries to make the kids smile.

He has the patience of a saint. lol She can do no wrong in daddy's eyes, even when I want to tear my hair out!

My husband is always there for our daughter, just a phone call away for a ride, to join her for a movie or a meal, or for a spirited discussion on books. They are especially close and it is wonderful to see.

My husband is not only my husband but also my best friend. He is in the Army and just recently returned from Afghanistan. No matter how much time he has here before he leaves again, he spends every free minute of it with myself, our 3 year old daughter and 11 month old son. I love how tender he is with his children and how he always tells me how much he loves me.
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

Because my dad doesn't judge... and you can never get him off the phone! :-)
Thanks - Sarah Z
believedreamcourage (at) gmail.com

My and brother are both exspecial. They blth are very caring with HIGE hearts. They both go out of their way to nelp people. It does matter what time of the day it is, you need them they are there.

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