Malbec and Moccasins

Dave White | Monday, February 27, 2012 | 0 comments

So many guys see the look of these shoes and think of a quilted shawl collar smoking robed Blake Carrington gingerly sipping aged brandy while enjoying a tightly rolling foreign cigar.  However, these are not your average philandering, double-crossing, playboy tycoon's shoes.

Del Toro Shoes is a relatively new brand by owner Matthew Chevallard. The brand's aim is to modernize the luxury aspect of these moccasins, driving shoes and slip-ons through premium textiles, durability and finishing for a whole new young male customer that likes the life of the tycoon tailored for their own.  By punching up the classics of velvet and leather with cheeky embroidery, digitized prints and modern fabric finishes, Del Toro Shoes speaks to a new generation of playboys in the making.

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