Pulling Sexy Out of The Geek

Dave White | Sunday, February 26, 2012 | 0 comments

I have to admit at first sight the spring men's shoe line-up from Prada was a bit 'pocket protector' meets 'country club'-ish. However, before writing them off into the 'looks great but not for me pile' I tried a pair of the golf shoes on in Barney's Beverly Hills recently. While they can definitely be made in to the epitome of all that is geek chic, the modern male this spring just needs to know how to wear it.

My advice is to let the shoe be the charismatic cheeky shoe that it is and keep it clean from the ankles up. Take the spirit of the shoes, remixed punchy classics, and apply the same aesthetic to your classic spring closet. I would wear these with the EC1 spring line up of fun great fitting chinos from Ben Sherman or even the 10 year distressed and camo treatments from Levis' new Alpha Khaki line. Then keep it loose and sexy on top with a great loosely tucked soft tee from T by Alexander Wang, a subtly detailed wash n wear button down from Descendant of Thieves or boxy shrunken double breast blazer with the sleeves pushed back from Neil Barrett. At last the geek could be sexy for more than his brain.

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