The Boots Go On: Born Shoes

Dave White | Wednesday, March 21, 2012 | 0 comments

Born Shoes

There's a thin line in between a boot going from timeless to eyesore.  Usually too many bells and whistles propel a shoe into the bargain bin of retail purgatory.  It takes a clever balance with boots, especially a combat style, to get the look right without being too trendy.  Born Shoes got this boot right.  The simple recognizable ode to classic menswear weaves lend and air of masculinity and strength to this boot while staying relevant to the heritage and workwear trend in menswear right now.  The good thing is that this style boot and the usage of the fabric weaves are consistently seen in menswear which make these boots have longevity and highly unlikely to be picked over in the bargain bin.  Arriving soon at

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