Little Store, Big Shoe: Undefeated X Puma Ballistic Nylon Clyde

Dave White | Saturday, March 17, 2012 | 0 comments

Undefeated X Puma Ballistic Nylon Clyde Sneaker

So I had the opportunity to go into the boutique-like store like Undefeated while in LA and I must say that I 'got it' before but I really 'get it' now.  What I got before was the coolness of getting things from boutiques and smaller stores over enormous national chain stores.  What I really get now is the desire to have something more unique and on a much tighter more exclusive level.  In the right hands and on the right feet,  specialty items such as Undefeated collaboration with the infamous Puma Clyde finds a high-low balance that I feel looks great with everything from your summer shrunken lightweight suit to your tee and bermudas for a day stomping around the city.  The texture of the suede and the durability of the ballistic nylon create a cool play coupled with the classic slim shape of the Clyde.  The smallest little detail the the appearance of a cap-toe created from the sided to the nylon give just enough update without re-inventing the wheel. Available soon at Undefeated Stores and at .

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