Mohr Gives More: K1X - Patrick Mohr Sneaker

Dave White | Wednesday, March 07, 2012 | 0 comments

 K1X- Patrick Mohr Sneakers

Although they've been out since the fall, they've been incredibly hard to get. However, I recently crashed into this store on Fairfax in LA called Four Two Four and couldn't walk out without snagging a pair.  What drew me in?  It's a sneaker with a bit of a crazy side without screaming for attention.  The ankle straps are removable and there are front slits attached to the tongue and back slits attached to the heel by a snap tab to help keep the straps secure.  There's also a wooden inverted triangle attached to a piece of leather on the front of the sneaker that acts as a lace lock but is also convertible into a necklace.  The sneaker channels the creativity of a seditionaries British punker while tapping into the geometric play of an 80's pop artist but the overall impact is pure Patrick Mohr.

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