Pomp n Punchy: Paul Smith Chagall Shoe

Dave White | Saturday, March 31, 2012 | 0 comments

Paul Smith Chagall Shoe in Purple

What is it about a colored dress shoe, when done right, that says sexy and dapper at the same time.  Could it be the sweet supple skin in a perfect sleek shape that seemingly tailors the foot?  Or could it be the cheeky fun of the unexpected color below a man's knees that suggest he may have a sexier, wilder side under that impeccable tailoring?  Whatever it is, Paul Smith's Chagall shoe in purple cover sexy and dapper with a bit of versatility thrown in.  The craftsmanship of this shoe suggests the qualification for it to be worn to liven up classic tailoring while the color suggests that should the gentleman become less controlled on his days off, his footwear would not be excluded from the fun.  Available now at PaulSmith.co.uk.

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