Proof of Designer: Raf Simons Black Multi-Lace Sneaker

Dave White | Friday, March 09, 2012 | 0 comments

Raf Simons Black Multi-Lace Sneaker

It's been said that it takes a lot of courage to wear red. So I say, "then tone it down with some black or white". Then Raf Simons said "now add some archaically positioned laces, premium materials, hiking hardware and you're done!" And that is what you have here. Raf Simons' Black Multi-Lace sneaker is an attractive sneaker that delves into the conceptual while remaining balanced with functionality and wearability. It's a sneaker that actually showcases how a designer sneaker must set itself apart from the rest by borrowing from a familiar template then making it look like footwear of the namesake it bears. Available now at

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