Shoe of the Day | Kandee Shoes Smartees Pumps

Dynelle Skinner | Saturday, March 03, 2012 | 5 comments

Unless you grew up in the UK, Canada and Caribbean, the name of these gorgeous towering pumps won't make sense (Side note: Smarties are delicious, colorful sugar-coated chocolate confectionery that have been manufactured since at least 1882) and these Smartees pumps from Kandee Shoes are equally delish. Featuring a mirrored blue leather upper, a 6.1" multi-colored crystal heel (very patriotic don't you think?) with 2" platform and a striking yellow sole, these statement heels will have everyone saying "I love your shoes".

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  1. Lovely looking pair of heels, but I would say, these are the shoes that will land you in hospital should you fall, these are for the young who know how to balance and tread carefully. We can only look through the shop window wishing we could participate or jealously look at others. Nice post though and a good collection for all but where have all the men's shoes gone, just the 2.

  2. Don't worry more men's shoes coming soon. Dave is also a stylist - a very in demand one but you will see more amazing footwear for men

  3. HI Melissa, Kandees website is