The Sole Stays With You: Rip-Off's Type 8 High-Top Sneakers

Dave White | Friday, March 09, 2012 | 0 comments

I fell in love with fashion in the 80's but cultivated my maniacal interest in it during the 90's. Kate was waif thin, gangsta rap was on the rise and fashion crowned the decade's greatest fashion moment, minimalism. I like to think that what I choose today pays homage to how I was affected then. These Type 8 high-tops by Rip Off's have a classically 90's sneaker silhouette bumped up a bit while remaining clean of the 'matchy matchy' color pairings and excess embellishments in a lot of footwear today. Opting instead to offer almost architectural geometry through lacing and panelling, Rip Off's offers a modern sneaker that tiptoes the line of the New Jack Swing and the colors in Ms. Moss' early obsession ads.

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