Spectate on These!: John Varvatos Bowery Spectator Boot

Dave White | Friday, March 30, 2012 | 0 comments

 John Varvatos Bowery Spectator Boots

A few years ago when I got my first part of John Varvatos Six-O-Six convertible boots I understood the appeal (then the price).  It's a well made shoe that stands apart from the rest and has just enough umph to remain current and classic all at once.  There was a literal gasp together with that same understanding as with the Six-O-six when I first saw his Bowery Spectator Boot for Spring.  Just pair anything in your closet that's, wrecked, faded, sunbleached or distressed with these boots and it just makes sense style-wise.  Balance your wrecked items with a piece that's a bit more pristine and then with these boots and it just makes even more sense.  See, not only are the boots distressed but they're distressed with a sturdy yet polished appeal like they were once this great upright boot that has now seen its fair share of torture.  So to dress it down or to dress it slightly more up with one item that's a bit more refined is the way to go with a boot that, like the JV Label, screams 'downtown' appeal with 'around-town' pockets.  Available now at SSense.com and at JohnVarvatos.com.

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