Unassumingly Suave: Mr. Hare Sir Cox Shoe

Dave White | Tuesday, March 06, 2012 | 0 comments

Mr. Hare Sir Cox Shoe

There's nothing wrong with a shoe that not only stands apart due to good quality but also due to a catchy design.  But not too catchy.  For then it becomes a matter of not just standing apart, but sticking out the sorest thumb.  That's why I'm digging the shoe company Mr. Hare's Sir Cox Shoe. It has the right amount of detail and cheekiness for the gentleman's summer attire without announcing "the shoes have arrived!"  The oxford tooling is light and only on the cap that is toned down by a darkened almost wet or burnished finishing effect.  Subtle and suave is the key but leaving a cool favorable impression is the envy.

Available now at Oki-ni.com

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