Veteran's Day: Walk Over Shoes

Dave White | Monday, March 19, 2012 | 0 comments

Walk Over Shoes

The foot never changes.  However, what we put around the foot seems to change rapidly.  If feet could talk my guess is they'd express how severely traumatized they were.  More so women's shoes than men's shoes. Men's shoes have evolved but have always seemed to follow a basic template that makes them more susceptible for cobblers and designers to explore a variety of skins, fabrics and embellishments that seem more like plausible updates than re-incenting the wheel.  One such company that has been dressing American men's feet since 1758 has been Walk Over Shoes.  If any shoe company knows about the gravitational pull of men towards a familiar template, it's Walk Over which would explain why their footwear is comfortable, familiar and handsome with just enough noise to not be considered 'bells and whistles'.  For Spring/Summer 2012 Walk Over examines the colorful infusion in mens footwear with vibrant topstitching and bright soles and revamped classics like saddles and bucks for a new generation of footwear aficionados.  For more information, lace up and glide on over to

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