Your Shoes Make Up Your Mind: Yuketen Mismatch Chukka

Dave White | Thursday, March 22, 2012 | 0 comments

Yuketen Mismatch Chukka in Multi

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Fancy, Stumbled Upon, Instagram, up, down, left, right, in, out!  Who can keep track let alone decide what social media outlet to voice their angst or appreciation nowadays.  Perhaps the designers at Yuketen understand the overwhelming conflict over decisions nowadays and figured your shoes shouldn't be involved.  Their Mismatch Chukka for spring is a lot to take in at first but it makes perfect sense for the guy who likes to kill several birds with one stone.  This shoe is in one glance a bit preppy, a tinge of grunge, a slathering of shabby chic and a dash of nautical that's perfectly conceivable with those repurposed khakis hacked into shorts and that chunky sweater and cuffed super-thin waled cords.  Available now at

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