Choose the Odds: Bernhard Willhelm X Camper Together Hiking Shoe

Dave White | Monday, April 30, 2012 | 2 comments

Bernhard Willhelm X Camper Together Hiking Shoe in Blue

A little bizarre was never detrimental for the soul or the sole.  Run that by Bernhard Willhelm and he will most certainly agree with you.  He might even argue that the commonly seen as bizarre is quite normal to him.  Sometimes it's not that things are bizarre; they're just new.  Take Bernhard Willhelm's sneaker collaboration with the shoe company Camper.  The exaggerated elements like the mountain climber lacing and the catamaran-like sole give the sneaker an otherworldly yet whimsically refreshing air of comfortably odd footwear fantasy.  Dare to live a little bizarrely!  Available now at

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  1. Is this shoes available on Amazon, why because I trust only amazon on online buying...

  2. For a specialty item like this, I would go directly to