A Reason to Pack Light: Jil Sander Panelled Leather and Espadrille Sneaker

Dave White | Monday, April 02, 2012 | 0 comments

Jil Sander Panelled Leather and Espadrille Sneaker

Think you had summer all worked out?  Maybe, maybe not, but think no more!  Jil Sander did some thinking for you with their spring 2012 panelled leather and espadrille sneaker.  In what's become an interesting movement in mens footwear, this shoe subscribes to what I am calling the 'killing several birds with one stone agenda'.  You have the laid-back laissez faire aspect of the espadrille together with the cool Americana nautical coloring then neutral streamlined detail for a nice hi-low dressing option.  Convenient for those summer days when you pack one shoe in your weekender for the Hamptons barbecue, sunset yacht party then nighttime fire pit.  Fried clams not included.  Available now at Mr.Poter.com.

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