A Tale of Too Cool: J.D. Fisk James Shoe

Dave White | Wednesday, April 04, 2012 | 0 comments

J.D. Fisk James Shoe

Are the same things that make a cool shoe different from what makes a shoe cool?  I guess could say that a shoe has to be a cool design first and then it becomes a cool shoe.  However, the argument could be made that it's basically the same thing.  Perhaps.  Well however you want see it and wherever you choose to place the 'chicken and the egg', J.D. Fisk has made a pretty cool shoe for Spring with their James shoe.  When I first saw this shoe I saw it going perfectly with several things in my wardrobe from my slimmest most broken-in khakis to my tonal seersucker cuffed trousers and shrunken sport coats to my trim cuffed chambray bermuda shorts.  The neutral colors, multi color, fabric and espadrille designs are a no-brainer for cool summer feet.  Or is it a no-brainer for keeping summer feet cool.  Buy now, think later!  Available at Endless.com and Amazon.com.

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