Another One Out The Park: UNION X Mark McNairy Saddle Waxed Country Brogue

Dave White | Thursday, May 31, 2012 | 0 comments

UNION X Mark McNairy Saddle Waxed Country Brogue

Not that you'd wear them in the country or even want to walk on damp ground with them on, but Mark McNairy makes one hell of a shoe to stomp around in.  What's good about his latest collaboration with the Los Angeles store Union is that you'd still stay nattily attired from the ankle down whether stomping out in the pasture or on the pavement.  The wingtip styling and waxed treatments to the skins are examples of the quality McNairy is known for.  While the playfulness of the shocking blue sole embodies the forward-thinkings of both McNairy and Union's diverse clientele of 'on-the-move' connected sneaker heads and edgy fashion purveyors alike.  Available now at Union Los Angeles and their online store.

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