The Back and Forth of Progress: Carol Christian Poell 'Goodyear' Bison Boot

Dave White | Thursday, May 17, 2012 | 0 comments

Carol Christian Poell Object dyed one piece folded 'goodyear' Bison Boot

Forward designers who really think don't grow on trees.  There are a handful of designers who would be considered progressive since they don't tap in line with the norm by exploring themes of shape and texture together with natural non-ornate textiles.  Carol Christian Poell is one of those designers who thinks outside the box and her Bison boot is testament to that.  It has a strong buffalo skin that is dyed as a single time (sole and all) then has an inventive fold over silhouette and closure.  It is forward in execution while giving nods to menswear classics like spats.  Available now at

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