The Foot Remixed: Damir Doma Fanio Layered Trainers

Dave White | Monday, May 14, 2012 | 0 comments

 Damir Doma Fanio Layered Trainers

There are many components to the feet.  Little bones, muscles and tiny intricate details that make the feet the small wonders that they are.  This is what kind of sticks out at me when considering Damir Doma's Fanio Layered Trainers for Spring/Summer.  Slivers of leather straps that are criss-crossed and interwoven with lacing that create good design and functionality at the same time.  Kind of like the delicate balanced dance of tendons, muscles and bones.  A deceptive intricately designed sneaker with a minimal approach to serve as an appropriate analogous compliment to your feet.  Available now at

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