No S.O.S.: Officine Creative Distressed Derby Boot

Dave White | Thursday, May 10, 2012 | 0 comments

Officine Creative Distressed Derby Boot

There's nothing wrong with getting white dirty.  Of course this contradicts what you've always heard but in the case of Officine Creative's Distressed Derby Boot, I think you'd have to agree.  Sure if you live anywhere on earth these boots are going to get filthy.  However, that's the point; the beautiful point!  Just as pristine things can get distressed and look cooler, the vantage point with this sturdy premium boot is just that it's going to get distressed to a darker coolness.  Wash the distressed khakis and threadbare denim and you may want to wear with these from time to time but just let the boots be.  Available now at

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