Deliciously Vans: Vans Era Decon Summer 2012 Sneakers

Dave White | Wednesday, June 27, 2012 | 0 comments

Vans Era Decon Summer Colorways

Grape Soda, Spicy Mustard, or Kalamata Olives?  What you get may depend on the barbecue, backyard shindig or picnic you attend this summer.  Just make sure you're appropriately attired to step onto the scene.  Vans has got you for a little bit of your culinary inspiration with their latest Era Decon Summer 2012 color ways.  Super easy to wear and totally feasible to incorporate into that summer dress up dress down affair.  Food of inspiration not included.  Available now at KicksHawaii (and they ship too) and at select Vans dealers.

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