Flavor Savor: John Fluevog Sather Shoe

Dave White | Friday, June 29, 2012 | 0 comments

John Fluevog Sather Shoe

For the times when you want your shoes to match your unique flavor, there's John Fluevog.  Known for quality shoes that are slight abstractions from the norm, Fluevog shoes always give that 'cherry on top' finish to a 'wardrobe sundae'.  This Sather model is a cool shoe for the season that would look great with items that summer wedding suit or those slim cuffed shorts and a hot button down.  Very nice sock-less and easy to see how an ensemble won't need much with such an understated in color but bold in design impact style shoe.  If in NYC, head on over to John Fluevog at 250 Mulberry Street or head to Fluevog.com to nab these.

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