Going Ape Over The Monkstrap: Mark McNairy Suede Double Monkstrap

Dave White | Friday, June 15, 2012 | 0 comments

Mark McNairy Suede Double Monkstrap in Loden

Modern, trim, flood length, tailored seersucker suit?  Breezy, cuffed, lightweight Bermudas in a festive madras?  Tapered, white, red, mustard or cerulean broken in denim?  No matter what the topper the plausible and sophisticated bottom for the season is the double monkstrap shoe.  In more lively colors than brown or black and with fun accents like a stacked heel and sole, versions like this one by Mark McNairy breathe fresh air into what should already be energy ready summer attire by giving men cool 'cherry toppers' to complete their outfits.  Available now at Park & Bond.

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