A Man and His Boots: Lanvin Calfskin Boots

Dave White | Thursday, July 05, 2012 | 0 comments

Lanvin Calfskin Boots

Sometimes all it takes to make an impact is not reinventing the wheel, just making it a bit more a plausible to maneuver.  Lanvin makes the wheel that is menswear definitely more plausible to maneuver through small details that appeal to our inner desires to be edginess, our learned gravitation towards luxury and our understandable appeal for the stylishly familiar.  Their new calfskin boot is definitely an item that gives you sophistication, toughness and refining all in one by cleverly appealing to different sensible menswear needs like a biker fashion, classic cobbler durability and military fetishism.  It's available now at Colette in Paris and at their website.

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