Shoe of the Day | Lislie Yeung Solstiss Chantilly Lace Pumps

Dynelle Skinner | Friday, July 13, 2012 | 0 comments

It's Friday, the 13th so it's very appropriate for me to feature something dark, mysterious and sexy. These enchanting heels are by another discovery from Ruia NYC and designed by another London import. Feast your eyes on the stunning Lislie Yeung Solstiss Chantilly Lace Pumps - keep this designer's name in your shoe memory banks. These 5" lace pumps are part of Lislie Yeung's Albino Collection, which is based on the "emotional responses evoked from humans and animals living with Albinism and their striking aesthetic qualities". The Solstiss Chantilly Lace Pumps are black to represent Melanism, the opposite of Albinism.

 This elegant handcrafted beauty features such details as silver electroplated onto the Chantilly lace, leather trim, a working zippered overlay which adds to the uniqueness of this beautiful shoe. Fair warning, Ruia NYC only has about three pairs of these left so run, don't walk to their Mercer St. location.

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