Shoe of the Day | LASPACENY Behind The Scenes Platform Wedge

Dynelle Skinner | Wednesday, August 15, 2012 | 0 comments

You guys know (at least you've read) that while I love featuring favorite and popular footwear designers, I mainly love featuring designers that are not well known. I've discovered some amazing gems in the burgeoning shoe collections plus it's great to get your hands on a pair that not everyone has - it makes it quite special. This is why I'm so happy to introduce you guys to the LASpaceNY Behind The Scenes Platform Wedge. It's quite visually stunning, the modern silhouette, the architectural touches, the bold colorblocking - what's not to love about this 5" platform wedge. Actually, there is on more thing to love, this eye-catching leather, PVC and cotton combo is currently on sale on for only $90.00.

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