Walk In the Wild Side: Rick Owens High Top Laceless Sneaker

Dave White | Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | 0 comments

Rick Owens High Top Laceless Sneaker

At first glance Rick Owens' shoes are a tad on the bizarre side.  However, Mr. Owens' shoes only embody his design aesthetic that is centered on proportions, clever cuts and pushing boundaries.  His new High Top Laceless Sneaker is a tall order of a sneaker that kind of merges high top sneaker and boot.  It may seem a bit much but if you rely on extreme proportions that compliment the shoe, not only will your look become forward but also cleverly badass.  Slim pants with voluminous tops of varying lengths or slim bottoms and tops with elongated elements, like tunic length hems or extra long sleeves, serve to complement these interesting kicks.  Constructed of sublime leather and a durable rubber sole, these brow-raising sneakers are available now at Barneys.com.

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