Rain AM? Cocktails PM? No Worries: Swims Classic II Overshoes

Dave White | Monday, October 29, 2012 | 0 comments

Swims Classic II Overshoes

By the time you read this the inhabitants of lower Manhattan may be forced to be doing the dog-paddle to get around in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  So with rain on the brain here's an offering that's sure to soothe and protect the suede of your wing-tips and suppleness of your pennyloafers.  Swims Classic II is a super stretchy rubber overshoe to protect the surface of your shoes thereby eliminating the need for wearing rain boots all day or traveling with another pair of shoes.  Particularly a necessity if it's raining on your way to work but clear when you leave work and have an afterwork soiree to attend.  Available now in orange here and soon in the other four colors when Swims launches their online shop in the coming weeks.

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