Life On The Fast Track: Welcome X Common Projects Track Shoe

Dave White | Tuesday, December 04, 2012 | 0 comments

Welcome X Common Projects Track Shoe

You think track shoe and you think busy.  You know, air bubbles, reflectives, electro color and shooting stripes.  You think Common Projects and you think well executed simplicity.  Now think about the active lifestyle you may have between sun up and sundown and think of Common Project's Track Shoe collaboration with Welcome.  Track style shoes have been making a big leap in menswear for the past few years outside of the gym and that influence grew even more for Spring Summer 2013.  Which is why the jump with this Common Projects shoe is a nice higher end take on that influence.  Classic, clean leather and cloth styling that looks good with jeans or slacks, duffles or backpacks.  Available now at

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