Not So Fresh Fresh Footwear: BB Bruno Bordese Washed Leather Top Sneakers

Dave White | Tuesday, January 15, 2013 | 0 comments

BB Bruno Bordese Washed Leather High Top Sneakers

There are certain kinds of sneakers that don't have to be angelically pristine.  For example, Chuck T's, absolutely not, but Air Force One's, positively yes!!  Now consider the new shapes popping up on the sneaker scene.  A bit of natural-looking wear and tear can only heighten the cool-factor of some shoes.  The Bordese Washed Leather High Top Sneaker for BB Bruno is one of those shoes.  Made from a durable thicker leather than most sneakers complete with stronger hardware, these shoes can take a punch or two and that is what will look cool about these in the long run.  However, the shape is really modern while not being quite a high top or a low top, so the general consensus probably won't scoff if you take an old toothbrush to them.  Available now in grey and in white at

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