Penny Loafer For Your Thoughts: Walkover Martin Loafer

Dave White | Wednesday, February 06, 2013 | 0 comments

Walkover Martin Loafer

Dust off what you think made the penny loafer uptight!  Walkover shoes has made the mens icon cool again.  The Martin is a new style from Walkover for spring.  What makes this a special loafer is the cushioned leather footbed, Littleway stitched sole construction and the fact that it is handmade in Maine, an attribute that has once again become very pivotal in quality American mens shoemaking.  Then further add to the specialty factor the plethora of colors the Martin comes in.  There has to be a color (or several) that speak to the cool gent and the dapper slacker in you.  Appropriately these Martins keep you looking great both as a gent in a spring suit or as a slacker in rumpled cotton shorts and an oversize tee.  Available now at

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