Kick, Push, Combat: ODD X Praxis Leather Sneaker/ Skate Boot

Dave White | Friday, April 12, 2013 | 0 comments

ODD X Praxis Leather Sneaker/ Skate Boot

Confliction doesn't always mean having to choose.  It could mean you just need to combine.  This is the case with this downtown cool leather sneaker and skate boot hybrid from a unique collaboration between the progressive label ODD and footwear company Praxis.  Surprisingly lightweight with the well-constructed heft of a combat boot meets a skate shoe, its a pretty nice shoe to continue on with the cool dark aesthetic that's taking over mens fashion during the warmer months.  Complete with side zip, waxed laces and pattern quilting & stitching and available now for $375 in a limited run of 500 pairs at ODD's Lower East Side store in NYC and at

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