Shoe of the Day | PYSIS Posh Galosh OVERboots

Dynelle Skinner | Monday, April 08, 2013 | 0 comments

There's nothing worse than wanting to show off your cute, recently purchased new shoes and being thwarted by horrible weather. When that happens, you reluctantly change your shoes and in some cases, your entire outfit. Well those days are over thanks to Cassandra Droogan and her creation, the PYSIS Posh Galosh OVERboots. No longer will you be at the mercy of bad weather. No longer will you have to wear bulky, heavy rain boots while your heels are stuffed into your bag or accidentally left at home.

Featuring soft patent Polyurethane upper (allows for convenient collapsibility), elastic closures for adjustable fit, bootie construction Liner for added protection, reinforced insoles and treaded rubber soles and the look of a wedge heel boot, these fashionable shoe protectors will keep you fashionably in step. So pull out your Manolos, Loubs, etc and ignore the spring rain (great for slush or snow too) because Pysis has come to the rescue.

PYSIS Posh Galosh OVERboots comes in three sizes:

Small - fits sizes US 5 (Euro 35) – US 7 (Euro 37.5)
Medium - fits sizes US 7.5 (Euro 38) – US 9 (Euro 39.5)
Large - fits sizes US 9.5 (Euro 40) – US 11 (Euro 41.5)

Get yours now for 25% off at and checkout some great video on the fabulousness of PYSIS OVERboots -

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