Ankle Ready, Wrist Approved: Supra X G-Shock Release

Dave White | Friday, May 10, 2013 | 0 comments

Supra X G-Shock Release

A man's accessories must be solid.  Why else would Supra and G-Shock unite to bring you a cool high top and timepiece collabo that's as attractive as it is solid?  For this collabo, the Supra Vaider Lite underwent a facelift that included a matte black satin TUF outer, SUPRATUF abrasion resistance technology, red G-Shock liner and a printed watch on the tongue set to 8:13 (20:13 in military time).  Meanwhile the "Its About Time" watch has a crisp matte black bezel detail, military-grade Cordura nylon band and sharp red detailing making it a nice everyday timepiece to dress up and down for men and even women.  The shoe will be available at the Supra Store in NYC and the watch at the G-Shock Store in NYC and both also at their on-line locales, and starting tomorrow May 11.

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