Simplicity As Style: Balenciaga Slit Vamp Shoes

Dave White | Thursday, May 09, 2013 | 0 comments

Balenciaga Slit Vamp Shoes

As clean as from dusk to midnight.  The Balenciaga Slit Vamp Shoe is a simple dress shoe in the spirit of Balenciaga.  It has structure and texture that converge to become an attractive shoe to update the basics in your accessories wardrobe.  The front half of the shoe is smooth black leather with the rear half being printed grey reptilian leather.  Beneath the high vamp black leather front is an elasticized panel and a slit front that's as clean and understated as the overall impact of the shoe.  Rounding out the understated and the structural is the blocky sole and and heel that call to mind old and new Balenciaga. Available now at

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