Shoe of the Day | Wellrox Austin Sandal

Dynelle Skinner | Thursday, July 25, 2013 | 0 comments

Today's shoe is all about comfort, relief and balance. I admit that I usually put my feet through hell all in the name of fashion, plus I'm a walker, I love to in NYC, that can't be helped. Did you know correct or incorrect foot structure affects not only your feet but your total body alignment, including your knees, lower back, and spine? After pounding the pavement all day, taking off your shoes may seem like the optimal thing to do to alleviate the stress you put on your feet but you can do more.

It may look a bit strange to you but the above Wellrox Austin Sandal features the brand's signature GRABS technology that offers you added Grip, Relief, Alignment, Balance and Support, all of which contribute to a healthier stride. Its innovative padded toe separators spread your toes and redistributes your weight more evenly allowing you to use applicable foot and leg muscles to walk as intended. The increased grip and toe alignment make for a more balanced and comfortable fit while its shiny straps, stretch band on the vamp, contoured and cushioned footbed and a 1 1/2" heel with 3/4" platform complete the look of this ultimate sandal.

Could your feet and body use some comfort and proper alignment for toe to head wellness? Then head over to and get yourself a pair for $53.90 plus an additional 15% off when you use code NEED.

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