High Top Color Pop: Kris VanAssche Overlong Laces High Tops

Dave White | Monday, January 13, 2014 | 0 comments

Kris VanAssche Overlong Laces High Tops

Don't let the bold color dissuade you to invest or even persuade you to color match!  Modern fashion celebrates the irreverent beauty of pattern-mixing, texture-clashing and unapologetic color.  These Overlong Laces High Tops from Kris VanAssche for Spring supply the wearer with fresh color paired with neutrals, a heavy duty back heel zip and an 'oh so delicious' favorite of mine, the gum sole.  Wrap the overlong laces and the color, intrigue and cool factor of this sneaker still shines through.  Available now in the two colorways of green leather and blue suede from Ssense.com.

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