Spring Ahead, Loafer Below: Kolor Suede and Neoprene Tasselled Loafer

Dave White | Monday, February 24, 2014 | 0 comments

Kolor Suede and Neoprene Tasselled Loafer

Too much white snow and grey slush make one yearn for a bit of 'Kolor'.  These new Suede and Neoprene Tasselled Loafers from Japanese label Kolor beckon for warm weather.  An interweaving of supple suede and cozy neoprene panels, this loafer is a walk in the suave via comfort, construction and whimsy.  It's fully lined in leather and the chunky sole gives it a funky edge for casual attire without looking too out of place under Spring's more expressive suitings.  Available now at Mr. Porter.com.

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