An Oxford Within Reach: Beckett Simonon Caine Oxford

Dave White | Tuesday, March 25, 2014 | 0 comments

Beckett Simonon Caine Oxford

I get it men.  You're annoyed at fashion's cruel joke.  First they draw you in by making you more vain (not a bad thing) but then they sucker punch you by making those fantasies of your vanities outside your price range oftentimes.  Well I say retain the style and keep some bucks in the bank without giving up on quality.  Beckett Simonon has done just that for you by taking one of the season's handsome modern dandy-esque shoes and making them affordable and attractive.  Their Caine Oxford is a Goodyear™ Welted, leather-lined and tasseled slip-on that you can pair with your spring remixed three-piece suits to your sweaters n denim.  Head on over to BeckettSimonon now for a special spring pre-order discount.

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