Unofficially Started, Officially Covered: Pikolinos Torremolinos Shoe

Dave White | Tuesday, April 07, 2015 | 0 comments

Pikolinos Torremolinos Shoe

Spring ushers in a few 'unofficials'.  The unofficial time where shorts become acceptable again.  Memorial day being the unofficial start of summer.  Then while you may see them all year round, no more throughout the year than in the Springtime do you see moccasins or boat shoe.  Here's my pick for the season so far.  Pikolinos Torremolinos 08q Shoe is a handsome moccasin that boats a semi-vegatable tanned leather upper, comfy sole and removable insole.  I like this shoe for the versatility of the quality Spanish leather, the not too thick sole, the good toe shape and for how the dark leather lace details around the shoe make it a tad sexier while the white sole still retains that summer feel.  The Torremolinos is also super lightweight which makes the unofficial start of moccasin season that much more official.  Available now at

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