The Tortoise Won The Race: MSGM Black Accent Loafers

Dave White | Wednesday, September 16, 2015 | 0 comments

MSGM Black Accent Loafers

Menswear has always been the tortoise of the fashion industry.  However, lately everyone has been watching the tortoise.  So whereas the inches that menswear used to make has now turned into the pointed steps that make it so coveted.  With menswear, it's all about taking the familiar and modernizing it in regards to forward-thinkning design, a modern man's perspective and/or a clever combo of both.  Take these MSGM Black Accent Loafers into consideration.  A classic polished leather almond toe loafer up top gives way to an architectural blockish stacked rubber sole.  It's a lesson in shapes.  There are some great voluminous overcoats circulating for the Fall season that when paired with the slim cropped trousers make sense with this MSGM Loafer.  Even the reverse works.  The spare-cut abbreviated shirt jacket or bomber with a fuller cut tapered ankle-grazing trouser make sense silhouette-wise with a trim yet strong sturdy shoe.  Either way these loafers are a cool forward pair worth checking out.  Available now at

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