L.A. Gear and Space Chariot Launch the "Space Chariot x L.A. Gear" Hoverboard Pack

Dynelle Skinner | Wednesday, November 11, 2015 | 0 comments

We're still in a holiday mood today, so we thought we'd bring you a very cool gift idea for the holiday season. When it comes to fashion and creative ways to showcase your style and personality, everything and anything can be an accessory. With the relationship between fashion and tech becoming stronger than ever, we were wondering what the next hot accessory shoe lovers would want. That question was answered today with L.A. Gear's latest collaboration. With the rise in Hoverboard purchases, it would make sense for a footwear company to pair with this must-have, on-the-go gadget as all eyes will be on the feet of all who ride one. With this brilliant collaboration, L.A. Gear and lifestyle brand Space Chariot, is the first to bring a coordinating sneaker and Hoverboard to consumers with their "Space Chariot x L.A. Gear" Hoverboard Pack.

This limited edition combo pack comes available in “Gold Ninja" or "Ninja Chrome" Space Chariot Hoverboard (complete w/ charger, remote, and carrying bag) and a matching pair of L.A. Gear "Liquid Gold" or "Liquid Silver" L.A. Lights. All eyes are sure to be on you as both sneakers are encased with gleaming metallic material, perfectly matching the Space Chariot Hoverboard.

The L.A. Gear L.A. Lights feature a decadent and sleek liquid look, blinking lights, and a high-top silhouette, giving a very modern look to these iconic throwbacks. The limited edition packs retail for just $649.99 and are available for pre-sale now on www.SpaceChariot.com.

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