Fan Faring Footwear: Lillybee Personalized & Collegiate Shoes

Dynelle Skinner | Monday, May 23, 2016 | 0 comments

No matter our age or style personality, we all love showing our school and team colors. Showing support, even if it's just by wearing our Alma maters colors are important to us. Ladies, did you know there's more ways to rock your school or team colors than the typical t-shirts, caps, or face paint (for those who do that)? Why not show your support with some stylish footwear that proudly displays your school's colors in a chic and fashionable way with Lillybee Footwear.

Cheer on your favorite team, the colors of your sorority, or your favorite colors in one of Lillybee Footwear's striped Ballet flats, flip flops, wedges, or rain boots. Whether you're celebrating your college, or favorite pro team, the styles from Lillybee Footwear will keep you looking stylish at every game.

Lillybee currently has 86 schools, 19 sororities, and 54 color options (like the Ole Miss wedges featured above) for you to choose from and along with the vast array of colors, you can further personalize your Lillybee with shoe clips and snaps that bear the insignia of your school, the Greek letters of your sorority, your initials, or other fun symbols like anchors, horseshoes, footballs, etc.

Lillybee ballet flats range from $58.00-$68.00, flip flips are $48.00, wedges range from $88.00-$98.00, and rain boots are $84.00. for more information, visit

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