Gentlemen Give The Slip: Etro Paisley-Patterned Velvet Loafers

Dave White | Monday, August 01, 2016 | 0 comments

Etro Paisley-Patterned Velvet Loafers

With the panache of peeking inside a well made custom jacket and the smoldering detail of a gentleman's bachelor's pad is how I've always regarded Etro.  There is always something quite elegant, refined, learned and sumptuous about the melange of prints and textures from an Etro collection.  This Paisley-Patterned Velvet Loafer is testament.  Constructed of an dusty black printed velvet with a subtle cord-like base, this loafer is leather lined and soled and features thin leather piping around the throat.  It's visually and tactilely beautiful.  Available now at Mr.

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