The High Top From Up Top: nobis X Sully Wong High Top Sneakers

Dave White | Saturday, August 06, 2016 | 0 comments

nobis X Sully Wong High Top Sneakers

How's you're Summer going?  Well it's about to get a bit better courtesy of a cool collaboration with our neighbors to the north.  Nobis, the pristine Canadian luxury outwear brand and Sully Wong, the brand comprised of the dynamo Toronto-based duo of George Sully and Henry Wong have just launched a collaborative High-Top Sneaker.  This sneaker honors Sully Wong's aesthetic of clean high end materials with nods to designs that evoke a timeless yet modern edge that together with the nobis mark of excellence in outerwear design from the slopes to the streets, make this shoe golden.  The upper is a crisp premium leather and has a design feature that showcases the laces while streamlining the eyelets.  Throw in the minimal embossed branding, expertly done seaming and a sleek tall shaft that makes this a suitable option for shorts or tapered denim and I'd say the Canadians have gotten a gold outside of Rio this August.  Available now in classic white and black at

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