What's Your Shoe Personality? Take this Quiz to Find Out

Dynelle Skinner | Monday, August 29, 2016 | 0 comments

They say a person's style says a lot about their personality, so we want to know, what's your shoe personality? Everyone gets judged by their footwear. What does your favorite shoes say about you, your life, your style, etc? The people at Shoe Zone, an online footwear retailer based in the UK that offer stylish shoes at low prices, created the Great Big Shoe Personality Quiz to see what your shoes say about you and what shoe style best describes you. Ready to begin?


Are you a flip flop, ballet flat, sneaker, heel, etc, this nine question quiz will let you know. The quiz features questions for both men and women to determine which shoe matches your personality. The results will show you the best part of your personality, and let you know which celebrities have similar shoe personalities to you. To see your shoe personality, click on The Big Shoe Personality Quiz, and see your results.

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