Scheming Cool: Hender Scheme Leather 2015 Sneakers

Dave White | Wednesday, October 19, 2016 | 0 comments

Hender Scheme Leather 2015 Sneakers

What's a bit of bizarre among friends?  Hender Scheme, known for their Jordan-esque reinterpretations in sublime natural dye leather,  offers up a trainer silhouette here that is a bit classic meets avant.  Classic are the lines and almond or bullet-like running shape, but the avant ushers in with the pristinely cut diagonal strips that flank the side of the shoe along with a minialist 'un-tasseled' tassel that discreetly masks the laces.  The complementing rubber and leather sole round out this shoe to make it a nicely balanced one that, because of the leather, will only look better with time.  Available now at

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